Sunday, January 15, 2017

                B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                    Saturday Jan. 14th 2017

Chris Lexx starts off saying things don't last
forever, like me being on crutches . Y'all better
watch out. Marco goes on and on about it being
the "Safe Era" at RSWF. His terrible lawyer
Johnny Crooklin stands by his side.

Match 1: The M.O.E. vs El Jabroni Dos
This match has Jabroni on the early attack with a
series of arm drags and elbows. Moe fights back
with a punch flurry. Moe head butts Jabroni'
chest and drops his neck on the ropes. Moe drops
a top rope elbow. 1,2.....Jabroni hits a high butt-to-
the face .1,2....Moe nails Jabroni with a Moe-tivation
finisher for the 1,2,3!!!

Next Marco and Johnny Crooklin get in the ring.
Marco says tonight is a special night. The Safe
Era begins. Johnny Crooklin chimes in saying
that the fans made this possible with all their
Signatures on the petition. Marco introduces the
new RSWF Comissioner, Jason Hall. Hall says
"Yall want Soultaker? You can't have him. I changed
everything . Soultaker wasn't bringing the action.
Michael Robinson, come out. I've got a special
opponent for you, RSWF Southern Heavyweight
Champ Bishop Kage.

Match 2: Bishop Kage vs Michael Robinson
Kage attacks Michael hard to start. He corners him
and jugga-chops Michael hard in the corner. Mike
punches Kage about 8 times and low dropkicks
him in the nuts. 1,2,...Kage slaps his chest again
but Mike returns the favor with 10 rapid fire slaps.1,2...
Kage clotheslines and slams Mike hard. 1,2....Mike
does a running knee to the face on Kage followed by
a flying knee in the corner.Kage rips Mike's eye hard
and follows up with a fall-away slam.A lot of commotion
happens with Steel on the outside. Somehow he slips
a chain in the ring and Kage grinds it on Michael's face.
1,2,3!! Kage gets the cheating victory.

Match 3: D'Mone "The Nephilim" vs Blazing Stat
They hip toss each other back and forth. D-Mone wins a
test of strength. He puts Blazing star in a side headlock followed
By a one leg lock. Blazing start reverses it into a drop-toe-hold.
He then puts a waist lock take down on D'Mone. D'Mone applies
an Indian Death-Lock . He steps on Star's knee and elbows
it. D'Mone follows up with a scoop body-slam. He puts
an old school Figure-4 leg-lock on Star. He twists Star's
leg up in the ropes and attacks it. Star clotheslines  D'Mone.
D'Mone puts a bear hug on and slams Star into the corner . He
puts Blazing Star in a rainbow bridged , back stretching
submission hold over his head. Blazing Star gives up. Your winner
is D'Mone!

Next a video plays on the screen from backstage. SOULTAKER
calls Jason Hall a bitch.

Match 4: Alan Steel vs Maverick
Steel pushes Maverick and pusses him off. Maverick knocks Steel
down hard with a shoulder block. Steel runs out the ring like
a sissy. Back inside, Steel punches Maverick in the face.He rams
his shoulder hard into Maverick in the corner. Maverick chops ,
slaps, and elbows Steel. 1,2....Maverick side-walk-slams Steel
really hard.. Steel comes back with a Russian leg sweep. Steel steps
On Maverick's throat, beats his chest, punches his nuts, and
applied a side head-lock. Maverick corner Splashes Steel twice.
He gives Steel 2 Giant boots to the face in a row. He tries to
go for a choke-slam but Steel drops Mavericks chin on his
shoulder. Maverick fights back and ends up finally coke-slamming
Steel hard. 1,2,3!!! Maverick wins but it was a non-title match.
Steel retains his U.S. Belt.

Main Event: RSWF Tag Team Chams Full Deck vs Pure Power
This one is an all out brawl from the jump. Everyone is punching
and kicking like a street fight. The action spills onto the floor.
Heads are slammed into the stairs and the announcing table. Sticks
and boards are smashed and jabbed. The crowd goes crazy. The bell
never even rings. Back I need ring Pure Power takes over and
beats Full Deck down with bionic elbows and camel-clutches. It
like Full Deck is going down. All of a sudden the Mercenaries fly
into the ring and the ref calls for the bell. In the end, Pure Power
starts double choking slamming everyone. The M.O.E. runs out
to help The Mercenaries. He also gets choke slammed . What
a fun night of action for Memphis Wrestling Fans.

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