Sunday, January 22, 2017

              B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                       Jan. 21st, 2017

              Fan Appreciation Night ($5 Cover)

Let me start by saying that last nights #RSWF Fan appreciation night was a blast for Old School Memphis Wrestling Fans. Soultaker slashed tickets prices to 5 dollars . Not hardly an empty seat in the RSWF Arena but everyone was standing and hollering by the end anyways.

Match 1: The M.O.E. vs El Jabroni Dos
The rivalry continues with Moe coming out in an El Jabroni Lucha mask and dancing. He gets in the ring and starts talking about Donald Trumps innaguration  and the wall to keep out Mexicans. Moe jumps J2 before the bell rings. Jabroni punches back . Moe stands and rakes J2''s ears. Moe connects on a hard, flying back elbow . He applies a chin lock for a minute and then kicks J2 in the face.J2 comes back with a drop kick . 1, 2, ......Moe lands a quick DDT followed by a flying headbutt . Jabroni dropkicks again. Moe drops J2 on his knees .1,2.... Moe pulls up.Moe pushes C-Lo. With his back turned, Jabroni school boy wraps up Moe for the 1,2,3!!!!  Jabroni 2 wins. Not so fast. RSWF commissioner Jason Hall comes out and reverses the decision for basically no reason. Winner is The M.O.E.

Match 2: D'Mone "The Nephilim" vs Dark Fury
This one was fast paced for sure. They dodge each other's moves for a while before exchanging arm drags. Then D'Mone connects on 2 elbow drops over the top ropes from the ring apron followed by a splash over the ropes. 1,2.....D'Mone nails Fury in the bread-basket and knees him there twice. Then
D'Mone locks in an old school abdominal stretch.Somehow Dark Fury escapes and body slams D-Mone hard. He follows with a leg drop .1,2.... Fury misses a flipping finisher from the top. Fury gets caught in the chin by D-Mones feet. Both men stumble up. Dark Fury stunners D'Mone out of nowhere and finishes with a top rope elbow. 1,2,3!!!! Dark Fury prevails.
Next Soultaker and C-Lo come out. Soultaker talks about how he is going to have $5 dollar fan appreciation night once a month. Then he hands out 4 Fan Appreciation Awards in the ring to Old Joe, Mr. Kevin Conlee, Mr. Dale , and me B.
After we leave the ring Marco gets up there and Soultaker beats the hell out of him with "Mr. Kendo"    and a steel chair. Lexx gets involved and hits Marco with a Lexicutioner.
Jason Hall comes out and tries to fine Lexx $1,000 for attacking Marco. Lexx tells Hall he can take his cane, turn that sumbitch sideways and.... let's just say Hall might need an emergency prostate exam. The crowd starts chanting prostate, prostate!!!

Match 3: RSWF Tag Team Champs Full Deck vs Maverick and Michael Robinson
Maverick and Joker start it off. Mav goes crazy with knife edge chops and heads into the turnbuckle. He slams Joker hard. Joker tags. Maverick hits a vertical suplex on Ace. He tags in Michael Robinson. Mike twists Aces arm and then back suplexes him. He slaps Ace rapid fire style in his chest about 10 times. Ace rakes his eyes and punches Mike's nuts. Ace slaps his chest and tags in Joker. Joker DDTs and stomps . 1,2....Ace comes in and they double , face-first suplex Michael. Mike dropkicks Ace. Ace hits a low blow again. Ace connects with a hangman style neck breaker flowers by a fisherman brain buster. 1,2...Ace pulls up. Maverick tags in and starts clotheslining everyone. He slams both men. Maverick gets powder thrown in his eyes . Full Deck is stumbling around . All men back in ring . Maverick double chokes slams Full Deck. 1,2,3!!!! Maverick and Michael Robinson are your new RSWF Tag Team Champs. Jadon Hall comes out and reverses the decision but Soultaker comes out and upholds it. Nice title Run Full Deck.

Main Event: Pure Power vs Steel Kage  Anything Goes/Weapons Match
This was one of those matches where it got so wild and all over the place that I couldn't take many notes. All competitors come out holding chains, broom sticks, crutches ....They start beating each other silly with weapons all over the steam. Chairs and food and trash cans and weapons were everywhere. They fought outside in the back parking lot and ran all the way around to the front door. At one point T Alan Steel was beating V-Man with a vacuum cleaner. Fans were out of their seats following the action around the RSWF Arena. A wood door ended up in the ring with Charles Ray laying against it. He moves when Bishop Kage goes for a spear. Bishop is basically through when he smashes head and shoulder first through the door. Next Pure power Double choke slams Sterl through a piece of plywood set up on some wooden sawhorses. They go for the cover 1,2,3...Victory Pure Power. The RSWF Arena Errupts !!! What an awesome night for Memphis Wrestling Fans.


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