Monday, January 30, 2017

Pictures inside King Jerry Lawler's BBQ


Check out inside King Jerry Lawler's BBQ located at 465 Germantown Parkway. Open 9AM-11PM Daily  Come and eat like a King!! 


Opening today!!! 

King Jerry Lawler's Memphis Barbecue Company, 465 Germantown Pkw Open 9am-11pm daily. Come and eat like a KING!   
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

OWO Wrestling Photos & Video from 1-28-17 Amory,MS

                                   B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                                       Sat. Jan 28th, 2017

Chris Lexx starts the night by saying God Bless America and God
Bless Memphis Wrestling. He asks the crowd if Memphis Wrestling is still alive in TN. The fans go wild!

Match:1. The M.O.E.  vs El Jabroni Dos
This is a rematch from last week where it seemed that Jabroni got the 1,2,3. Commissioner Jason Hall reversed the decision , so Moe got the win. Moe starts this match out jumping Jabroni and stomping on him before the bell. He slams Jabroni into the turnbuckle, knife edge chops and chokes him. Jabroni counters with a shoulder block and a flying clothesline. Moe twists his arm , does a Rude Awakening neck breaker, stomps, step-chokes, and pulls on Jabroni's mask. Moe superkicks, knees to face, Lawler drops, and applies a figure 4 leglock. Jabroni reverses the leg lock. Moe forearms and goes for the rings of Saturn. Jabroni does a flying butt   attack and a DDT. Moe does a double knee to face . He drops a. Ow off the top and attempts The 3-Amigos. Jabroni blocks the last suplex and reverses it. Referee Lenso gets distracted and  Jabroni goes for the school boy wrap up. 1,2....As usual The Mercenaries interfere with this match and Jabroni gets a DQ win. Alan Steel takes the mic and says " Everyonr has been calling me saying they want to join the Mercenaries. When people think of Memphis Tag teams they think of Steel Kage. We found someone who knows about sacrifice and what it takes to win. Our newest member is The M.O.E.

Match 2: Maverick vs Ace (1/2 of Full Deck)
Ace comes out punching but Maverick mans up and starts the destruction. He slings Ace into the corner, clotheslines, body slams , knife-edge chops, clotheslines again, and vertical suplexes Ace. Somehow Ace comes back and stomps Mav in the corner. Ace throats chokes, kicks Maverick's leg, elbows, and punches. Maverick comes back with a hard chop to Ace's chest. He cornerclotheslibes Ace. 1,2.....Joker storms the ring and nails Maverick with a Mafia kick. The ref calls for the bell . DQ win goes to Maverick. Full Deck keeps jumping Maverick and beating him until Soultaker comes out with "Mr. Kendo" and clears the ring. End result, Soultaker fires Full Deck from RSWF.

Next Comissioner Jason Hall comes out. He says C-Lo never payed his 1,000 dollar fine for attacking announcer Marco Rose. He calls out Referee C-Lo Banks. He says if C-Lo don't get his ass in the ring and wrestle tonight he is fired. He says your opponent tonight is The M.O.E.

Match 3:  Referee C-Lo vs The M.O.E.
C-Lo comes out firing punches and gang stomping Moe. The fans go crazy .Moe punches C-Lo hard and applies a sharp-shooter. C-Lo escapes and lands not one but 2 dropkicks KoKo B. Ware style. Moe hits C-Lo in the nuts and knees his face. 1,2....C-Lo hits Moe's nuts ...1,2....Moe hits nuts again. He goes to the top and hits a falling head butt . He hits a double knee to the face again and gets the 1,2,3!!!! Moe and Jason Hall celebrate while C-Lo lays there motionless. Steel Kage comes out and and all The Mercenaries jump C-Lo. Pure Power runs out and a brawl ensues .

Main Event: Steel Kage vs Pure Power
This one got so wild and fun I didn't take many notes. They battled out of the ring slamming each other onto a wooden box that is crushed. V -Man's head busts a huge hole in the drywall. Alan chokes Charles Ray with the chord from a clothes iron. V is slammed hard into a refrigerator. Brooms and a bottle of relish are involved. Nuts of Kage are pulled into a pole hard. Back in ring they fight hard until it looks like Pure Power has the upper hand.  The M.O.E. runs out and interferes . DQ win goes to Pure Power. This feud is definitely not over. See what happens next week at The RSWF Arena.

World Elite Combat Wrestling Friday, February 3rd Ripley, MS

USA Championship Wrestling February 4th Covington, TN