Tuesday, December 6, 2016

USA Wrestling Christmas For a King Show

            B's Roaming Wrestling Report
             Bert Prentice's USA Wrestling 
              Bolivar, TN Dec 2, 2016

Well I left Cordova and ended up getting lost on
the way to the show. When I realized it was right
past the Walmart I was pissed off. Well I got there 
and talked to my friend Danny Dollar . He said him,
Nathan Starr,  and "Superstar" Bill Dundee had already 
Wrestled. I talked to Dundee and Jerry Lawler for a 
minute and got picks. 

The intermission ended and Bam Bam Bundy came out
and Wrestled Brian Christopher. Bundy requested it be anything goes . 
The hit with brooms, chairs, and mops. In the end Brian Christopher
walked Bundy on both sides of the head with some tin pans
for the one , two , three!!!!

Next was the main event:
"Dangerous"  Doug Gilbert vs Jerry "The King"
Lawler. Lawler gets a standing ovation from
the Bolivar crowd. Doug with his sleazy Lawyer
makes fun of the crowd and Lawler. This match
went back and forth but Doug makes a fatal
mistake. He tried to throw fire on Lawler
but misses. Lawler grabs Dougy and his Manager
and gives them the double noggin knocker for the
1, 2, 3!!! Will Gibson thanks for your fine 
refereeeing that night.

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