Sunday, December 4, 2016

 SPWA   RAMER   TN.  12/3/16
 My Choke Slam report
 : Dennis McCammon 

it was cold and rainy outside but inside the action  was scorching.
Dirty whiteboy  VS  Raging Rebel 
this match was all over the ring they went toe to toe and tit for tat both dished out series of fist superplex body slamp drop kicks and more fist then you can count. when the smoke cleared the Raging Rebel came out with the 1 2 3

 Final Hour VS Chazz and Christian Stone
this match was in the ring out of the ring. these four powerhouses absolutely beat the hell out of each other. just as the match had peaked and was out of control dirty white boy (Dustin Anthony) interfered in the match and hit christian with a neck breaker justin burford(final hour) give dirty white boy a high five just to recieve a DDT by the  dirty white boy. chazz came back into the ring and hit dirty white boy with a vicious clothesline ..referee called for the bell  winners by DQ Final Hour

Nathan Aulridge VS Danny Dollar
two big guys neither giving a inch slugging kicking clawing series of fist power slams choking top rope beat downs from both final move Nathan slams Dollar off the rope in the corner and pins dollar while Nathans feet were on the rope for leverage. Nathan by hook or crook gets 1 2 3

Alex Stone and Dj Brown VS Cory Daniels and Ricky Smith
typical fast paced high risk match. heck of a battle all over the place series of missile drop kicks fist chokes stomps. Alex threw daniels and smith both out of the ring to the concrete and came off the top rope into a cross body on smith right at the fans feet. cory daniels slips around the timers table and grabs his championship belt and sneaks into the ring as Dj unaware that he is fixing to be blasted with the belt alex makes his way back into the ring and pushed dj right into the path of the belt and Dj was out.  alex tries to explain to dj he was trying to push him out of the way but dj wasnt buying it. alex and dj get fall on a DQ.  
Main Event
Brody Hawk VS Bam Bam Bundy
the night started with justin case and brody hawk telling everybody that krossman wasn't there and they are going home and not wrestling tonight. Jim Casey made his way to the ring and informed justin and brody that Brody Hawk is booked in a match and will wrestle. And man ol man did that match happen.
i dont think either man cared about a pin fall they was there for one thing only to hurt each other. bundy and hawk battled back and forth giving everything they had any role imaginable that could be broke was. just as bundy seemed as he was in position for a pin Justin case hit bundy in the face with powder and the referee called for the bell. thats when all Hell broke loose Kross man was in the building and stormed the ring with a crutch across the back of bundy then all three lashed out with a series of kicks chokes fist and stomps to bundy.. Steven Styles came into the ring to try and help bundy only to find himself in the cross hairs of the king of destuction he was also beat pile drived and whipped with a belt the massacre continued on bundy and styles until justin and kross left the ring. and came back with the sound guy bound and taped up he was also rolled in to the ring only to receive a savage beating from the team of brody kross and justin. it was total chaos and disbelief of the sight of the bodys left laying lifeless in the ring..  then Grady Watson dropped the bombshell for next weekend it will be Brody Hawk and Kross Man  VS La huster and PinBall . Brody excepted the match with a couple conditions Alan Stone and Jim Casey's HAIR will be on the line if Hustler and PinBall loses.

Don't miss the action next week. another thing prices through Christmas is only $5.00

Until next time hope you enjoyed see you ringside.

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