Sunday, December 11, 2016

SPWA 12/10/16

My Choke Slam Report
Dennis McCammon

Grady Watson made a deal to pay Michael Gilbert $500.00 for show up money me personally think it was a paid hit on one or all members of Destruction Inc. (hawks case krossman) Gilbert told Watson talk is good and all but no cash has been put in my hands. Money man Watson laid him 5 new crisp $100.00 bills in his hand. Gilbert basically told him thanks for the cash for the show up but i'm not working for you. took the money and left the building as case kross and hawk heckled and laughed at watson for throwing his money away.

Steven Styles vs Dirty WhiteBoy
fist boots chokes neck breakers body slams and top rope dives
great match between both guys whiteboy missed a top rope execution and styles took advantage of it for the 1 2 3

Nathan Aulridge vs Raging Rebel
started out looking like the rebel might be outsized and out experienced body slams fist neckbreakers and auldridge making time to verbally abuse the fans had the rebel down and used a finisher off the second rope a reverse moonsault rebel was able to move out of the way and cover auldridge for the 1 2 3.

Chazz and Christian Stone  vs  AC Styles and Dirty Whiteboy
again another match full of action they both pounded on each other and when the outcome started favoring chazz and christian to be victorious styles and dirty came to the timekeeper table got the spwa tag titles and attacked chazz and christian  ref Ponytail called for the bell  winners result of a DQ chazz and christian

Cory Daniels and Ricky Smith vs Alex Stone and DJ Brown
this was a fans dream 4 very talented wrestlers slugging it out drop kicks chops body slams the entire match dbl sling to the ropes with ricky reversing it on alex and dj with daniels shoulders down ref counted 1 2 3 but a different member from each team had the count ref declared no winner. major grudge matches coming up next week dj vs daniels for the spwa title and alex vs ricky smith to put a end to who is the better man.

LA Hustlers  vs  Brody Hawk KrossMan w/mgr Justin Case
special stipulation if hawk and kross win Grady Watson Allen Stone and Jim Casey gets their heads shaved in a no DQ match.
the hustlers wasted no time with a entrance through the curtains they came in the from the back of the building and jumped hawk and kross from behind and began pounding on them in the ring out out of the ring but destruction inc. was not out of it they came back and dished out some beating of their own chairs chains chokes kicks repeated nut shots .Case let himself get caught up in his verbal lashing to the hustlers he failed to see Michael Gilbert slip back in and hit case in the face with a huge ball of fire. i dont think i have ever seen Lawler throw a ball of fire that huge case ran out the front door in agony. then Grady Watson brought out the entire locker room and surrounded the ring lumber jack style then on Watsons command they all hit the ring and attacked hawk and kross like savages Allen stone ballbat in hand went to work on kross and hawk Jim Casey got in a few stomps on the head of them all the wrestlers took turns with leg drops fist elbows nut shots then as hawk and cross was held up Grady Watson took turns slapping the faces of both men yelling thats for what you did to my son. hustler was laid on top of hawks and the ref counted 1 2 3 .. after the brutal beating hawks and kross had their wrestling bags thrown out of the front door and the other wrestlers drug hawk and kross and of the building and dumped in the parking lot. the fans went absolutely nuts waving bye bye to Destruction Inc.
not sure if Grady Watson and Allen Stone thinks this is the end of the war but i know Destruction Inc pretty well and i am afraid to say that this is only the beginning. if you think this feud has been nasty you havent seen nothing yet..
until next time i am outta here....cya ringside

Justin cases receives fireball to the face
mob style beating

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