Monday, December 12, 2016

             B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                          Sat. Dec 10, 2016
                           Notes by C-Lo

1st match J.A fair vs Demone good match demone won 2nd match joker vs Micheal Robinson ace jumped in so Michael won by disqualification demone made the save then ace cut a promo telling demone since he wants to interfere in full deck biz the challenge him and Michael Robinson to a tag team match and they will show them why there the rswf tag team champs later tonight! 3rd match M.O.E! Moe Stegall vs Reno Diamond for rswf u.s title match very food match reno diamond retains his title after the match they both shake hands 4th match full deck vs demone and Michael Robinson full deck wins then beat them both down with chairs,5th match main event Pure Power vs Steel Kage
Very good match pure power has Alan steel up for the double choke slam then bishop kage kicks referee Lenso In the never regends aka balls lol pure power wins by disqualification! The end!

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