Sunday, December 18, 2016

     B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                Sat, Dec 17th 2016

Commentating on this night were "The Legend" Jason Hall, "The    King of Pow" Chris Lexx, The Lovely Mrs . Mia, and that scumbag, Marco Rose. Rose came out with a backwoods Lawyer , Johnny Corker, holding a petition against Soultaker for creating an unsafe environment for Marco. Marco said he had something up his sleeve. Lexx said the only thing he had up his sleeve was cockroaches .
Match 1 : Maverick vs T. Streets
What an opening match for wrestling fans. The 7 ft Freak of nature vs the 300lb  beast. This one started with some slapping and hip-tossing. Streets gives big Maverick an overhead suplex followed by a big body slam .Maverick comes back with a jail -yard clothesline. Streets suplexes Maverick again. Maverick Stinger Splashes Streets in the corner and lands a huge side-walk slam. 1,2... Streets crushes Maverick with an Arn Anderson style spine-buster.  1,2...Streetz gets big Mav up overhead and nails a homicide. 1,2....Maverick puts his foot on the bottom rope. Maverick punches and grabs big T. By his throat. He chokeslams the hell out of the big man. 1,2... Streets goes for a cover but the time runs out of the match.
Match 2:  The M.OE. Vs The Blue Blazer
Moe trips Blazer. Moe gives him a hard shoulder block. The Blazer hip tosses Moe twice. He gives a flying forward double kick to Moe. Moe mafia kicks The Blazer right in the head. The Blue Blazer and Moe have a slap out Tournament. Blazer drop kicks Moe again and follows it up with a big clothesline. Blazer puts an old school  🐫 -clutch on Moe. Moe can't take the pain and taps out. Victory - The Blue Blazer.
Match 3: "The Party Princess" Kayla vs Ayzali
What an awesome match. Kayla is a little lady but she is quite the athlete and very talented . Ayzali has quite a size advantage and a tough , street attitude. Kayla attacks early and goes for a quick cover 1,2.....She forearms Ayzali hard but Ayzali grabs hair and face-slams. Ayzali takes control, suplexing, face first suplexing , chopping , and kicking. Kayla comes back with a mafia kick. She hits Ayzali with a low drop kick. Ayzali fights back chopping. She slams Kayla down hard with a viscous, tri-pod drop. 1,2....Kayla kicks Ayzali in the face. She locks in some sort of arm-bar , twisting submission hold. Ayzali gives up. Your winner Kayla "The Party Princess."
Match 4: RSWF Tag Champs FULL DECK vs D'Mone and Michael Roberson
This is really like 2 on 1 cause Michael Roberson's leg is still hurt from last week. D'Mone and Ace start off. D'Mone goes HAM on Ace with 5 overhead , German style suplexes in a row. Joker comes in. D'Mone drop toe holds. D'Mone clotheslines, scoop-slams, and suplexes Joker. Michael Roberson tags in. This match goes all Full Deck's way after  they work on that hurt leg. They kick that leg , stomp it , and slam it on the mat and into poles. Ace finally puts a one leg  Boston crab 🦀 on. D-Mone jumps in the ring and everybody goes at it. Joker and D'Mone end up fighting on the floor. Ace superkicks Roberson in the face and goes for the cover. 1,2,3!!!
Before the next match Marco and his sleazy Lawyer come out and talk about Soultaker  and their "Unsafe" movement and petition. Soultaker's music plays and he comes out holding a red "Mr. Kendo" stick. He says " you ain't seen unsafe yet. You stepped into a man's ring. Now you gotta act like a man." Marco runs to the back. Soultaker says come back in 5 seconds or you are fired. He comes back and Soultaker DDTs him. He hits him hard several times with a steel chair.
Match 5: RSWF United States Champ Reno 💎 vs The M.O.E.
Reno comes out talking about how he's been wrestling for 17 years . He did it for the honor of his Mom . Next week will be his final match before retiring.
Reno starts off suplexing Moe. Moe gives Reno a hard forearm to the head. Reno knife edge chops. Moe clotheslines Reno out of nowhere. Diamond back suplexes Moe hard but Moe punches back and goes for a quick cover . 1,2....Moe climbs to the top rope but Reno drop kicks him. Reno superplexes Moe off the top. Moe slams Reno's face hard to the mat. Moe gets a sunset flip on Reno for the 1,2,3!!! Not so fast. C-Lo says that Reno's feet were touching the ropes. Match is restarted. Moe tries to go for a small package but Reno reverses it for the 1,2,3!!!!! After the match Moe attacks Reno.
Main Event: Pure Power vs Steel-Kage
As soon as Steel Kage makes their entrance, Pure Power jumps them from behind. It's an all out war all over the RSWF Arena. Tables are broken, steel chairs are used, the audience is running back and forth and jumping out of the way the whole time. V-Man tries to pull Alan Steel's ear off with a big pair of pliers. Kage and Big Charles Ray slam each other on an extra set of ring stairs in the corner. V-Man smashes a desert from the concession stand in Alan's face. After about a 10 min brawl , all men are back in ring. Reno comes out. Moe comes out. In the end , Steel Kage stands tall . Everyone is beat down. Moe tries to fist  bump Steel Kage but they look at him funny. The Battle is over but the war between Pure Power and Steel Kage rages on.
I just have to say that this was one of the most entertaining wrestling shows I've been to lately. Opening match to Main Event were killer. Soultaker and RSWF are taking over Memphis Wrestling. The only weekly wrestling show in Memphis city limits that actually runs every week. Go #RSWF!!!!

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