Sunday, December 4, 2016

   B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
               Sat. Dec 3, 2016
               (Notes by C-Lo)

First match was D'Mone  vs Micheal Robinson they started off with some good chain wrestling but at the end D'Mone got the victory!

2nd match saw Reno Diamond vs Joker good back in forth action then Johnny Dotson comes out interference and joker gets the victory!

3rd match saw the returning M.O.E.  Moe Stegall  vs Johnny Dotson good back in forth match reno diamond comes back and distract Johnny Dotson and The M.O.E gets the win!!!

4th match see El Jabroni comes out cut a promo about how he's tired of being disrespected and he then issues an open challenge to any man the back and by everyone's surprise The Soultaker music hits and El Jabroni didn't want no parts of The Soultaker . The Soultaker  squashed el Jabroni kinda like Goldberg did Brock at the survivor series ppv lol then Marco interviews Soultaker .Then Soul Taker tells  Marco that every since  he's been back he's once again  been being disrespectful and talking man talk so well now is the night toy be a man and Soultaker throws Marco in the ring and begins to beat him down with not one but two Mr Kendo sticks the crowd goes nuts and started chanting Yes! Yes! Yes!

Main Event! Ace vs Big V-man this match was good V-Man  comes out with the victory then his brother Joker  comes out they jump V-Man then D'Mone and Michael Robinson makes the save holding the chair's the end of the show!

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