Sunday, November 6, 2016

The State of Memphis Wrestling
              (Brandon Harber)

Almost every TV in the Mid South used to be tuned into Memphis Wrestling on Saturday Morning more than 20 years. Stars like Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Superstar" Dundee, Dutch Mantell, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Kamala, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, Lance Russell and Dave Brown.... The list of names goes on and on.The Mid South Coliseum sold out for 13 straight weeks. The Memphis Territory as a whole was on fire.
Fast Forward to 2016. No more major network TV deal in Memphis. Cable and the internet and Vince destroyed all the territories. You still got Bill and Jerry doing shows here and there but week in and week out what is going on with Memphis Wrestling. It is thriving and it is because of a hand full of local wrestlers and hardcore fans. RSWF, MEW, SGWA, and WFW are the promotions. I've been following all 4 for a while now and have been to a ton of shows. Had fun at all of them. What is the common theme? Alan Steel, Chris Lexx, DJ Brown, Reno Diamond, Bishop Kage, V-Man, Martin Boyd,Soultaker , Dustin Starr, Derrick King,Tattoo, D'Mone, Eric Wayne, The Sure Things, Charles Ray, Maverick, Ken Dang, Syn, These guys bust their ass multiple times a week to give the fans a taste of Old School Memphis Wrestling. What is the other common thread to all these shows? The Fans Kevin Conlee, Dennis McCammon, Tierra Tee-Tee , Big Herc, Tena McCammon and Old Joe, Lynn Conley, Tanya James, Greg James, Lassandra Martin, Mary Avant, Darla Beasley Hayes , Tommy Taylor ,Tracy Dunn, me B......and the refs C-Lo, Lenso, Ponytail, Will Gibson....Wrestlers that love the Art of Wrestling and fans that love to watch it. Even though from the outside it may look like Memphis Wrestling is dead. It's definitely not. It's thriving. There are shows every week and the fans go crazy. It seems like since the promoters disagree with each other that there is a rift and a separation of Wrestling between the 4 promotions. There is not a rift. The fans and wrestlers are united in there support of live Old School Memphis Wrestling and that is what matters. Memphis Wrestling will never die. It's an energy , a spirit, a feeling and it is pulsating stronger than ever. Support your local shows and shove it up "Corporate" Wrestling's butt.

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