Thursday, November 17, 2016

St. Louis Promotions At Odds with NWL

Locker rooms of the St. Louis promotions are said to be tense over the incursion of National Wrasslin' League, with things coming to a flashpoint at Mid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance last Saturday. Michael Elgin in a statement called out the promoter of MMWA, Tony Casta for disrespecting several of his proteges after learning they are signing with NWL going so far as to call for a boycott of MMWA. The promoter of the former St. Louis Anarchy, who was also asked to leave, called the actions unprofessional. Officials with MMWA did give me their side of the story which I cannot share. Though NWL has only announced the Regal Twins, Jake Dirden and the new MMWA Heavyweight Champion Kevin Lee Davidson as signing, leaving MMWA to go to NWL are Everett Conners, Evan Gelistico, Danny Adams, Matt Kenway, Mike Outlaw and Jason Roberts. It also appears Bolt Brady will be signing with NWL on the KC side.

Will the St. Louis talent that have signed with NWL still be able to appear at other promotions in the area? That answer appears to be no, or at least not without some restrictions, bringing long-term booking plans into upheival. However, that does open up several opportunities for wrestlers wanting to branch out into the St. Louis area that have not been able to due to full rosters.

On a side note, Michael Elgin will be opening a new promotion in the St. Louis area for 2017 named Glory Pro Wrestling, with MsChif returning to the ring for the first time since becoming a mother.

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