Monday, November 28, 2016

    B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
     After Thanksgiving Day Bash

Before the first match starts, "The King of POW" Chris's Lexx comes out in a wheelchair to be guest commentator along with Jason Hall and Marco Rose. His broken ankle was handed to him by Steel Kage last week.
Match 1: "The Natural" J.A. Fair vs Boot Boy Blubber
Boot Boy throws Fair and hollers out "protein pop-tarts!". Blubber slaps, corner splashes, and sidewalk slams Fair. 1,2 Fair slaps back and leg drops. He hangmen style neck-breakers Blubber. Fair Rock Bottoms Blubber. Fair Stunners Blubber. 1,2...Blubber misses a corner splash and Fair wraps him up School-boy style. 1,2,3!!!!!

Match 2: Michael Robertson vs Ace (1/2 of Full Deck)
Ace jumps M.R. Michael arm drags Ace. Ace DDT's M.R. Hard and does a sliding head kick. He snap-mares and delivers a back kick. Ace nut kicks M.R. Michael fights back with a few firearms in the corner but he ends up getting knocked out   with a fishermen cradle style brain buster . Victory =Ace

Next Johnny Dotson (aka Playa Tyrone) takes the mic. "Happy again to grace you hillbillies with my presence. Everybody booing, dats yo mama. Lexx you are a broke , Mexican piece of garbage. Bring that other Mexican trash out. Come on Dark Fury. They gone deport you cause you ain't got no green card."

Match 3: ""Dynamite" Johnny Dotson vs Dark Fury
Fury arm drags Dotson. Dotson kicks and punches crazily. Dotson gives Dotson a high knee-lift. Fury punches back and drop-kicks . Dotson chokes and kicks Fury 4 times. Fury kicks and firearms again . Dotson power slams. 1,2.....Furry delivers a super DDT out of nowhere. Fury sit down Power bombs Fury. 1,2...Dotson returns the favor for the 1,2,3!!!!

Main Event: Steel Kage vs Pure Power
Well this ends up being a handicapped match because Big Charles Ray was injured last week. V -Man vs Steel Kage. Alan Steel grabs the mic " a lot of regular fans support RSWF.The locker room is split cause of the injury we inflicted on Chris Lexx. Reno 💎is home soaking in Epsom Salt. Charles Ray's ribs are hurt. Lexx's ankle is broke. It's handicapped all the way around. Ha, ha,ha!"
V-Mans music comes on and the fans go wild. V gets jumped when he comes in but comes back with h a double clothesline. He hip tosses Steel and punches Kage. Steel forearms V but V gives him a big boot to the face. He clotheslines Kage and drops Alan on his back. Kage and V lock up. V throws Kage into the corner and clotheslines. He butt slams Kane's head in the corner. Steel tags in. He stomps V about 10 times in the corner. Steel tags in. He pulls down his strap and Lawler fist drops of the ropes. 1,2...Kage comes in. 1,2....Kage slaps V chest but V does it back . Steel comes back in and Splashes V in the corner. Kag body slams V-Man. Kage delivers a big fall away slam to V. He attempts a super-spear off the top but runs into a V-Man drop kick. Steel comes in and punches V 5 times.Referee Lenso accidentally gets hit and knocked out.  Kage tries to clothesline V but he ducks and clotheslines Steel. Steel super-kicks V.  Lexx stands up on one leg and hits Steel with a crutch . V chokeslams the hell out of Steel. The Ref wakes up 1,2,3!!!!! Pure Power wins!!!! Steel Kage jumps V after the match. Soultaker runs out and says if they hit V-Man one more time they are suspended. They hit V with h a chair and I guess they are suspended now. Dark Fury runs out and clears the ring.
Join RSWF next week to see how the story unfolds.

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