Friday, November 11, 2016

B's RSWF Rundown Nov. 5th 2016

The night started with Steel Kage talking about the beating they put on Pure Power the previous week. Bishop Kage said " That little piece of board is all that's left of Pure Power." Alan Steel adds " we closed   the door on V-Man. We lost 550 lbs of dead weight in one week. Pure Power has turned soft and week. They care about the fans. " just then Pure Power comes out and Steel Kage runs away like sissies. V-Man adds " yo ass is grass and I'm the lawnmower. We didn't come here to play. The Mercefairies do it from the back."

Match 1: Michael Roberson vs. Maverick ---this match was pretty much one sided . Maverick was oversized and overmatched against the smaller guy. Maverick chest slaps about 4 times hard, clotheslines, sidewalk slams, suplexes and clotheslines Michael R. A choke slam from hell would end Michael R.'s night. Maverick gets the 1,2,3. I can see him moving up quickly through the RSWF Heavyweight ranks. Definitely as wrestler to keep an eye on.

Match 2: D'Mone the Nephlim vs "The Human Juggernaut " Bishop Kage----D'Mone starts by saying last week him and DJ took on Full Deck but they suck. Bishop jumps D but he gives Kage a nice arm drag. It turns into an arm bar and then into a firemen's carry take over.they twist arms back and forth . D'Mone duplexes Kage over the ropes into the ring. Kage slaps D's chest hard and clotheslines him. D'Mone does a dropbtoe hold take down. D'Mone does 2 running double-knees to Kage chest. Full Deck runs out and jumps D'Mone . C-Lo calls for the DQ. Pure Power Runs out and breaks it up.

Match 3: DJ Brown vs "All That" Alan Steel ----Steel headlock take downs. He beats on DJ'a back. Slings DJ to the corner but misses. DJ does a punch attack . He flies and catches Alan in a spinning , twisting head scissors and Alan flies out the ring.Outside ring , DJ slams Alan into a pole. Alan fights back and body slams DJ on the hard floor. DJ flies of the top and lands a flying press. 1,2...Alan gets up and clotheslines hard. He gives DJ a viscous tilt-a-whirl back suplex. DJ drop kicks. Alan power slams DJ. DJ stomps on Alan about 10 times in the corner . Pure Power runs out and Alan gets the DQ win.

Match 4: Kevin Bless vs Chris Lexx

Lexx starts off by saying he saw about the problems with suicidal thoughts Bless was having. He told Bless don't turn your back on yourself. Be thankful that you wake up everyday. This match goes back and forth with arm locks and leg lock reversals. Lexx hits a drop kick . Bless clotheslines Alex Lexx dropkicks back, then they chop and slap back and forth. Bless punches Lexx in the head 10 times. He gives Lexx a running knee to the face.Lexx clotheslines and flips over Blesz in the corner with a package. 1,2,3... Lexx pulls it off .

Match 5: Your Main Event
Pure Power vs Full Deck
Charles gorilla presses Joker, punches, slams, throws, and leg drops Joker. 1,2...V comes in.He bionic elbows, and dropkicks Joker.  Ace comes in.He attacks Charleshe works over Charles leg with a series of deadly twists. The keep tagging and working over that bad leg. Ace slaps on the figure -4.V comes in an accidentally smashes Referee Lenso.Kagee runs in with a chair but hits himself in the head. DJ runs in and flipping neck breakers Ace off the top .V covers. 1,2,3.....What will happen this Sat. Be there 8:00pm.

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