Monday, October 3, 2016

Results From SGWA Wrestling At The Mid-South Fair October 1st-SGWA Presents "Rebirth" This Friday, October 7th Southaven, MS

Opening Match-Nathan Aulridge managed by Justin Case defeated TJ O'riley when TJ attempted to suplex Nathan from the apron back inside the ring, but Justin Case tripped him up and held his feet down for the pin

2nd Match-Buzz Harley vs One Half of The Final Hour Tag-Team, Justin Cole-Buzz drove his motorcycle to ringside.  During the match, Buzz hit The Undertaker "Old School" arm twist ropewalk.  In the end, Justin Cole rolled up Buzz with a school boy and grabbed the tights to get the win.  After the match, Buzz Harley hit Justin Cole and then the referee with a stunner.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock got in the ring and heckled the fun Mid-South fair audience outside of the Landers Center in Southaven which included "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow, who was in attendance incognito, wearing a cowboy hat.  Of course, "Hollywood" Jimmy made a point to single out Oscar by announcing that one of the stars from the Brokeback Mountain film was there.  Jimmy also called Referee Ponytail, "Billy Ray Cyrus" and shared his strong dislike for little kids and old people.  Next, "Hollywood" Jimmy introduced his team, Bone Crusher and Kidd Nova, The Pink and Black Attack, who were going to battle the Memphis Wrestling Legends, "Superstar" Bill Dundee and King Cobra.

3rd Match-"Superstar" Bill Dundee & King Cobra defeated The Pink and Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock after "Hollywood" Jimmy hit Kidd with his cane when Dundee moved.  Dundee also clocked "Hollywood" with a swift punch.

Main Event-Cage Match For The SGWA Championship-Champion Brody Hawk, managed by Justin Case vs The Challenger Staggerlee with Commissioner Memphis Mike-Justin Case was handcuffed to Memphis Mike at ringside-Match began with a series of back body drops.  Staggerlee forced Brody to try calling a timeout after a hip toss.  Brody threw Staggerlee's head into three of the the four turnbuckles with Staggerlee fighting back and striking Brody in the corner with a stinger splash.  Outside the ring, there was a commotion as it appeared that Justin Case threw powder in Memphis Mike's eyes and broke free from the handcuffs to open the door.  Justin Cole ran in to help Brody Hawk double team Staggerlee, but ended up hitting Brody with his chain instead.  Staggerlee executed a Samoan drop on Brody Hawk to get the win and become the NEW SGWA Champion!!! 

Following the match, an irate Brody Hawk and Justin Case confronted Referee Ponytail.  Brody kicked Ponytail low and then Brody and Justin proceeded to put the boots to him.  As Brody was leaving, he shouted at me, "You saw it!  Bad Call!" and delivered one final message to the crowd on the mic, "Just so you know, I hate you all!" 

SGWA Wrestling Presents "Rebirth" This Friday, October 7th in Southaven, MS.  Scott from LED Depot was on hand and announced that the first 100 fans this Friday night will receive a free package of LED light bulbs.

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