Tuesday, October 18, 2016

OVW results from 10/12 in Louisville, KY

Ohio Valley Wrestling, Louisville, KY, October 12 results:  

Reverend Stuart Miles over Carlos Gabriel via submission.  
Scarlet w/Little Damion defeated Maddie Max.  
The Van Zandt Family Circus (Little Damion & The Ringmaster w/"Dapper" Dan Van Zandt & Scarlet) defeated the 50/50 Boys (Kevin Kiza & Lucas Jacobs).

Justin Smooth defeated Jade Dawson.  
Cash Flo defeated Max Silver.  
Tony Gunn defeated Randy Royal in a submission match because Trevor Steele, the OVW Commissioner, told the referee that Royal tapped out.  Due to a pre-match stipulation, Randy Royal was fired from OVW.  
Dan Van Zandt defeated Mad Man Pondo in a hardcore match.  
Tyler Matrix defeated Big Zo w/Josh Ashcraft.  

OVW Women's Champion Maria James defeated Callie and Jamie Lynne in a triple threat match to retain.  
OVW TV Champion Trevor Steele defeated Houdini w/Big Jon to retain.

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