Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Jaxx Roxx from Rock 100 served as ring announcer for the night's action.  This year's Halloween Monster Bash 2 once again had the coolest entrance setup which totally reminded everyone of the old WCW Halloween Havoc events.  Jaxx introduced his colleague, Jason "Coop" Cooper to help him throw out some Rock 100 shirts and other goodies to the screaming fans. 

Opening Match-Special "Trick Or Treat Match"- "NXTlvl" Josh Matthews vs Donnie Primetime-Referee Joey Lynn-There was a mystery box in each corner which contained either a "trick or treat" that could be used.  As soon as the match began, both Josh and Donnie opened a box.  Donnie's box contained some bones which he used like a ninja to strike Josh with.  Josh's box contained an inflatable SpongeBob SquarePants.  SpongeBob made quite the impact once he appeared as it seemed like the match transformed into a triple threat.  SpongeBob was on the receiving end of several high flying moves including taking a swanton like a champ.  And just like every triple threat match SpongeBob was eventually tossed out to the floor.  Donnie Primetime opened another box containing a rubber chicken while the box Josh Matthews opened had a steel chain.  Donnie threw the rubber chicken at Josh and ducked a chain attack from Josh to get the roll up for the win.  Your winner, Donnie Primetime!!!

2nd Match-The Bowser Bros "Dream Killer" Eric Wayne & Francisco Ciatso managed by Stormie Lee defeated Owen Knight & Ashton Starr after Eric delivered some code breakers behind Referee Will Gibson's back.  Winners The Bowser Bros, Eric Wayne & Francisco Ciatso!!!  Following the match, Eric Wayne provoked a little girl so bad that she kicked her own drink and box of popcorn all over the floor.  Eric then picked up the box and ate the remaining popcorn.

3rd Match-Neil "Real Deal" Taylor with Mr. Sensational, who the fans referred to as "Barney" due to his purple jacket vs "The Future" Chris Styles-Referee Joey Lynn-Mr. Sensational jetted to the locker room and brought out his backup, Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock who all attacked Chris Styles until former WWE Superstar Eugene ran down to help Chris.  The numbers would eventually lead to the supervillain group of Neil, Derrick, "Hollywood" Jimmy and Mr. Sensational regaining the advantage and ultimately leaving both Chris and Eugene laying in the ring.  While the Fearsome Foursome celebrated on the entranceway, suddenly the famous APA theme sounded with WWE Hall of Famer and the First Ever African American World Champion Ron Simmons running out.  Ron Simmons announced that he was the General Manager for the night and made a match between Neil Taylor & Derrick King vs Chris Styles & Eugene with Ron Simmons serving as special enforcer.

4th Match-Ladies Match-"The Beast" Angel Blackwell vs "The Girl On Fire" Kiera Hogan-Referee Will Gibson-During the match, the action got so intense that Kiera had her hair pulled off her head.  To Kiera's credit, the young lady didn't get her spirits down and kept fighting.  In the end "The Beauty" could not tame "The Beast" as Blackwell delivered a vicious forearm out of a fireman's carry for the impressive win.  Your winner, "The Beast" Angel Blackwell!!!  Blackwell celebrated her victory by leaving with the red weave.

Semi Main Event-Derrick King & Neil Taylor managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock & Mr. Sensational vs Chris Styles & Eugene, who brought a hoe to the ring with him, the garden tool-Special Enforcer Ron Simmons-Referee Joey Lynn-With all these zany personalities in one place at the same time this was entertainment at it's finest!  The Corinth audience inside the Crossroads Arena got under the skin of "Hollywood" Jimmy rather quickly with a "Doughboy" chant which sparked Jimmy to warn them that if they didn't shut up Derrick King and Neil Taylor were going to slap everybody.  Derrick King actually threatened to kick Ron Simmons' teeth out.  Derrick went into the crowd to confront a little kid.  During the match, Derrick and Neil cut off the ring while punishing Eugene.  Every time Eugene would make the tag, Referee Joey Lynn was distracted and would force Chris Styles back out of the ring.  Neil gave his best "King" impression by dropping the strap before he attempted a fist drop which missed.  Chris Styles nailed Derrick King with a superkick and went for the pin, but Josh Matthews ran down to break up the count.  Later, while Eugene and Chris were both locked in sleeper holds, "Hollywood" Jimmy and Mr. Sensational entered the ring, but when they went to throw powder, both Eugene and Chris Styles kicked it into their faces instead.  Eugene gave Derrick the Rock Bottom followed by the People's Elbow to get the win.  Your winners, Chris Styles & Eugene!!!

Afterwards, "Hollywood" Jimmy and Mr. Sensational were whining in the ring trying to get the powder out of their eyes when Ron Simmons entered the ring.  Ron said, "There's only one word to describe this.....DAMN!"  Ron went on to thank everyone for coming to the show and thanked all those that have supported him throughout his career.

Jaxx introduced the Director of Operations at Crossroads Arena, Corey Johnson, who helped make the show possible.  Corey thanked everybody involved and mentioned how he's looking forward to the Main Event.  The Power Couple Dustin "Five" Starr and Maria made their way to the ring with Dustin ripping the mic from Corey and insulting him by saying, "You're the one that runs this dump!"  Maria added, "All I see is a bunch of rednecks!"  Dustin's opponent, TNA Superstar "Cowboy" James Storm joined them in the ring and pointed out how Dustin and Maria were complaining earlier about not getting the proper introduction so James Storm announced them "From a box of Lucky Charms, Tweedledee & Tweedledum!"  Storm was making fun of Dustin and Maria's all new green ring entire.  James continued his verbal war of words by suggesting to Dustin, "You need to change your outfit because her package looks bigger than yours!"  OH NO HE DIDN'T! 

Main Event-Dustin "Five" Starr with Maria vs "Cowboy" James Storm-Referee Will Gibson-This one turned into a wild and crazy brawl outside the ring.  Storm got the fans involved by throwing Dustin's head into their boots.  While taking Dustin around ringside he looked over in my section to see if their were any volunteers so I graciously obliged by propping up my size 15 on the rail.  Storm shouted, " Now, that's a big foot!" before sending Dustin into it.  Dustin would later find himself inconveniently perched on the guard rail where Storm knocked him into the crowd.  Once in the crowd, Storm threw Dustin into many rows of chairs.  Maria would distract and attack Storm to give Dustin the advantage.  Dustin choked Storm with his wrist tape and hip tossed him on the entranceway.  Back inside the ring, Dustin delivered a "Five Starr" dropkick.  Storm fought back picking up Dustin for his signature "Eye of the Storm" move, but Dustin countered by hitting him with a wicked spear.  Storm connected with a backstabber, following it with the "Last Call" superkick, but Dustin kicked out at two.  While Maria had Referee Will Gibson distracted, she managed to toss Dustin one of her high heels which he used to blast Storm.  Corey Johnson picked up Maria and started carrying her to the back as James Storm rocked Dustin Starr with a "Last Call" superkick that sent Dustin bouncing off the ropes into yet another "Last Call" superkick for the three count.  Your winner, "Cowboy" James Storm!!!  After the match, this fun night ended with Storm celebrating with Corey Johnson as Jaxx thanked everyone for coming and to please drive safely.

When you meet a College Football Hall of Famer that has his number 50 retired at Florida State University, you get him to sign your FSU cap

And then Ron Simmons insists on taking one unleashing the Chop!

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