Sunday, October 9, 2016

    B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
               Sat. October 8th

Johnny Dotson comes out talking smack about El Jabroni. "He cheated last week." Dotson challenged El Jabroni to come out and fight man to man. El Jabroni comes out and dances and jumps Dotson. He throws Dotson out the ring and into the announcers' table. Johnny is bleeeding. They go back to the ring and Jabroni's mask is removed it's Reno Diamond. They fight and eventually Lexx and Bless run out and try to stop it. Dotson gets in a cheap shot in Diamond. This rivalry is heating up for sure.
    The next match featured Big Johnny Thunder vs Bishop Kage. Kage starts off slapping . Thunder slams Kage, punches, and gives Kage a big boot to the face. Kage eye rakes. Thunder splashes Kage in the corner. Thunder tries a belly to belly suplex but stumbles and Bishop lands on top for the 1,2,3!!!
     Joker vs Ken Dang:  Joker jumps Dang from the get go. Dang retaliates with chips, a body slam , a backdrop , and a clothesline. Outside the ring thru chase each other. Joker ghetto stomps Dang on the concrete. Back in ring , Joker delivers a sabat kick to Dang's face. Dang goes for a Rudd Awakening but Acr runs in and interferes . Dang wind by DQ. DJ Brown runs in from the back to clear out the ring. Is an old tag team reuniting?
     The Main Event of the evening was one for the ages wrestling fans. Pure Power and Bishop Kage w/Alan Steel ringside vs Kevin Bless , Cold-blood Mike , and "The King of POW" Chris LeXX . This starts off as an old school brawl spilling in and out of the ring. Lexx and Kage go at it in the ring. Lexx lands a back elbow on Kage but
V-Msn clotheslines Lexx. Lexx gets up and drop kicks V then stomps him like hoe in the corner. Bless comes in but gets kicked by V. V and Charles double shoulder tackle Bless. Cold blood tags in. V drop kicks Coldblood . V slingshot suplexes Blood. Charles comes in. He slams Blood hard. He gives back to back elevated leg drops. Then he lands a big splash. 1,2...Bless saves. Kage slaps Blood in the corner. Charles back in. He gives Blood 2 shoulder blocks and a running power slam . 1,2.. Bless saves again. Coldblood bounces off the ground ropes with a flipping back elbow on Charles. Bless tags in and goes crazy, unloaded v on everybody!!! V kicks Bless in the face out of nowhere . V gives Bless a fall away slam. Charles gives Bless a fall away slam . Kage lands a double team leap frog, back drop on Bless. Kage in. Lexx finally tags on a punches and elbows like a lunatic ! Steel sneaks to the ring with the ref distracted and tries to throw powder in Lexx's face but it goes straight in V-Man's face. Ha, Ha., Ha!!! Lexx covers V for the 1,2,3!!!! After wards things got heated between Pure Power and Steel Kage. Pushing and Shoving and accusations . What will happen
With the once powerful Mercenaries ?? Stayed tuned to RSWF.

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