Tuesday, October 25, 2016

    B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
           Sat. Oct 22nd 2016

Match 1: El Jabroni vs V-Man
Jabroni comes out on the attack but V punches, kicks , chokeslams, and finally sit-down power-bombs for the 1,2,3!!!

Match 2: The Nephlim vs Ace
This one starts with The Nephlim shoulder blocking Ace a couple times and arm dragging. Ace uses the ropes to choke and sling The Nephlim around. Ace duplexes and takes The Nephllims eyes before a spine buster. Nephlim comes back with a power slam. Nephlim rolls Ace up but he reverses and gets the 1,2,3 by pulling tights.

Match 3: Reno💎 vs Bishop Kage
Kage throws Reno across the ring. Reno gets mad and knife edge chops Kage about 15 times. Kage comes back with a backdrop and slaps Reno hard. Outside the ring Kage kicks Reno and knees his nuts. Kage spears Reno and covers. 1,2...Reno's foot is on the ropes. Kage tries another spear but misses and hits the turnbuckle. Reno wraps Kage up in a small package while the ref is turned. Alan Steel pushes Reno over and Kage gets the 1,2,3!!! Cheating at its finest.

Match 4: DJ Brown vs Joker
DJ flies through the ropes and lands on Joker. He slams Joker's face on the stairs Joker suplex was DJ on the floor. Back in ring Joker kicks DJ in the face.1,2...DJ flipping neck breakers Joker off the top. Before DJ can cover, Ace comes in with a chair and the ref calls for the DQ. DJ gets the win but gets jumped pretty bad. The Nephlim runs in an breaks it up.

Match 5: Your Main Event
"The King of Pow" Chris Lexx
"All That" Alan Steel
This one was in Lexx's favor in the beginning punching Steel again every time he recovers. Steel front face locks but Lexx gets out and stretches Steel. Steel goes outside. Lexx double axe-handle drops Steel from the apron. Back and b Alan pulls Lexx face and hair. Lexx chops Steel hard .Alan punches Lexx Kidneys. Lexx small packages 1,2....Steel spine-busters 1,2....Alan does The 3-Amigos but in back suplex style. They have a punch out . Lexx super kicks Steel hard. Before he can cover Kage comes in and saves. DQ win by Lexx . Cheating is right up Kage's alley.

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