Saturday, September 17, 2016

      RSWF Money in the Bank

The night started with a 10 Bell Salute to Memphis Wrestling Legend, Don Bass. He wrestled and trained many current day Memphis Stars including Soultaker himself. RIP Mr. Bass.
Match 1: Reno💎 vs Kevin Bless 
                RSWF United States Title
                On the line
The tide changed in this match when Reno kicked Bless in the face or did it? Bless gets Reno down and asks him who's the master. Bless hits Reno with a running knee to the face and follows it with a double under-hook DDT and a slingshot suplex. Reno pots water on Bless like it's an R. Kelly video. Reno kicks Bless in the stomach with a reverse mule kick. Reno lands a Diamond bomb off the top for the 1,2,3!!!! Reno 💎is your new RSWF United States Champion.

Match 2: Ken Deng vs V-Man
Kazuma Miyamoto takes his Japanese flag back and brings out a Vietnamese Flag. " I have been using the name of my trainer. I am not Japanese. I have to be me. I am Ken Deng." Deng chips V 5 times but V kicks back about 5 times. V punches and slams Deng hard. V leg drops, stomps , and duplexes. 1,2....V clotheslines Deng hard and puts him in a sleeper. V tries a choke slam but Deng turns it into an Atomic Choke. Deng hits  a thumb spike. 1,2.. Charles breaks it up. The ref is distracted and when Deng turns around, V choke slams him and gets the Victory!
Match 3: Chris Lexx vs Charles Ray for The RSWF Southern Heavyweight Title 
Lexx goes crazy in the beginning chopping and punching and throwing Charles out the ring. He throws Charles into chairs and hurls him into the announcers table , making Jason Hall have to jump out the way. Back in ring , Lexx hits an elbow, a drop kick and a hot shot elbow. Charles comes back with 2 corner shoulder blocks and a big clothesline. Lexx comes back with a couple knife edge chops and a flip into Charles in the corner. 1,2...Charles fights back and hits an elevator leg drop.w
1,2... Charles puts on a sleeper. Charles tries to tilt a whirl slam Lexx but Lexx's legs knock C-Lo down. V comes to the apron and throws baby powder in Lexx's eyes.  Charles grabs Lexx and hits a spinning face slam for the 1,2,3!!
Match 4: RSWF Tag Team Championship Street Match
The action was wild from the jump. Trash cans, mops, wood doors, chains and debri was everywhere by the end. There were Mafia kicks, spears into wood doors, DDT's on chairs... In the end V-Man mistakenly hits Kage and Full Deck double team choke slams Kage hard for the 1,2,3!! The winners and still Tag Team Champs , Full Deck.
Match 5: Money in the Bank Battle Royale ( first man to climb the ladder , remove the briefcase containing a contract for a Southern Heavyweight Championship match , any time-anyplace and then touch both feet on the ground wins)
Participants: Kage, V-Man, Charkes Ray , Alan Steel, DJ Briwn, Johhny Thunder, Reno 💎, Kevin Blesz, Ken Deng, Full Deck, D'Mone, and Chris Lexx
The action was so wild if was hard to keep up. Straight up brawling in this one. In the end , the only people left were Alan Steel, Bishop Kage, and V-Man. Steel hits V-Hard with a chair and  Knicks him out. Bishop grabs the briefcase and climbs to the floor for the win. A rift has developed within the Mercenary stronghold. Will this tear up the super team? These questions will be answered in the coming weeks.  

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