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Results From Saturday, September 3rd's SOLD OUT ROCKIN' WRESTLING Event At Isle of Capri Casino in Lula, MS


"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and the Manager of Marketing at the Isle of Capri, Oney Cross kicked off the night by informing the sold out crowd about their brand new website,  Inside the ring, announcer "T-Bone" Terrence Ward tossed out all sorts of Lady Luck shirts, caps and koozies to the screaming fans. 

Next, it was time to get the party started with a live concert featuring WWE Hall of Famer, "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart and The Bruise Brothers Memphis Wrestling Band.  The set list included classic Memphis Wrestling jams such as "We Hate School" and "Lance Russell's Nose"  as well as popular WWE theme songs, "Honky Tonk Man" and "Sexy Boy".  Jimmy Hart closed out his performance with two original recordings from The Gentrys, "Cinnamon Girl" and their million selling hit, "Keep on Dancing".  This was such a special treat for everyone in attendance because it's not everyday that you get the chance to see a WWE Hall of Famer in concert playing his original tunes that he created.  Jimmy Hart is the best and one of the nicest guys that you will meet.  Jimmy Hart and The Bruise Brothers ROCKED the Isle of Capri in Lula!!! 

Lucky for you, for all those who were unable to attend    

Oscar Barlow introduced Jerry "The King" Lawler who was ready to perform his song, "Bad News" but "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock interrupted all the fun, saying he was sick of all the noise and affirmed his hatred for Lawler.  "Hollywood" Jimmy continued by saying he had a big surprise guest that when they went to King Jerry Lawler's Bar & Grille on Beale Street, Jerry Lawler ran out the back of his own bar because he's a coward.  Well, "The King" didn't take Blaylock's insults too well as he grabbed him, but before he could land a punch Lawler was viciously attacked from behind by "Hollywood's" surprise opponent for Lawler, none other than Lord Humongous.

This intense confrontation can be viewed below thanks to Newt at   

This surprise attack led us to our opening match of the night.

Jerry "The King" Lawler with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart in his corner vs Lord Humongous managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Referee for the night was Turtle-Inside the ring, Lord Humongous continued to manhandle Lawler.  The momentum would shift in Lawler's favor when Lord Humongous missed an elbow drop.  And then Lawler pulled down the strap as "Hollywood" Jimmy shrieked to Humongous, "Get up!"  Lawler ripped Lord Humongous' mask off and blasted him with a series of haymakers before rolling him up with a school boy for the pin.  Your Winner, Jerry "The King" Lawler!!! 

Following the match, Jerry Lawler said that the only way that he is coming back to Isle of Capri Casino is if it's he and "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock inside a ring with barbed wire on every single rope around the ring.

2nd Match-Bill "Superstar" Dundee defeated Mitch Toretta by pinfall after dodging out of the way of a running Toretta, who bounced off the turnbuckles and crashed to the canvas.

3rd Match-Precious managed by Nate "The Great" AKA "Rat" vs "The Inkcredible" Tatt2-Precious walked out to Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" which was hilarious.  Nate made his presence known sending Tatt2 into the steel post out on the floor.  Precious would play his signature mind games on Tatt2 during the match at one point he even kissed him.  Nate held Tatt2 on the apron, but Tatt2 moved and Precious knocked Nate off the apron.  Tatt2 nailed Precious with the 901 and then a splash from the top to get the three count.  Your winner, "The Inkcredible" Tatt2!!!  Of course, while leaving, Precious asked if I wanted to see a Good Call.  SMH.

4th Match-Dustin "Five" Starr vs Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King-Special Stipulation-Dustin's wife, Maria was handcuffed to Bill "Superstar" Dundee-Entertainment at it's finest with these four as they were really zinging each other with the insults.  Maria called Dundee a "scallywag" and told him if he tried anything that she would choke him out.  Derrick told Maria that "She's finally handcuffed to a real man."  Dustin replied, Oh no you didn't!  And Derrick quickly returned with, "Yes, I did."  Later, Dustin said, "How dare you yell at my wife!"  And Derrick later replied with, "With all due respect, you said nobody talks like that to a woman, but that's a skank down there!"  Bill Dundee made Maria's life a living hell during the match while being handcuffed.  At one point, Dundee even pulled Maria's hair.  The final moments of the match had Maria tossing Dustin her heel, but Derrick hit Dustin with a superkick to get the win.  Your Winner, Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King!!!

Following the match, as Maria was getting out of the handcuffs she managed to outsmart Bill Dundee by handcuffing him to the bottom ring rope.  Maria went on to blind Derrick by throwing powder in his face.  Dustin Starr assaulted Derrick King in front of Bill Dundee who could do nothing but watch as Dustin planted Derrick with a devastating piledriver in the center of the ring.  Before leaving ringside, "The Power Couple" Dustin and Maria demanded that Terrence Ward announce Dustin as the winner.

Main Event-Coward Waves The Flag Anything Goes Match-"Studd" Mike Jones & "Xtreme" Brett Michaels with Dirty in their corner collectively known as PED TV vs The Pink and Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova, who asked "The Sawed Off Rockstar Enigma" Kevin Kash to watch their back and to not wave the flag no matter what happens to them-This was an all out war from the second the bell sounded as Kidd immediately grabbed some weapons from under the ring and tossed them inside, striking "Studd" in the head with a trash can.  A plethora of weapons were used during this match which included a briefcase, walker, crutch, steel chain, extension cord and baseball bat.  The two teams brawled in and out of the ring.  Throughout the match, PED tried to pressure Kevin Kash to wave the flag, but he refused.  "Studd" took a back body drop out on the floor from Bone Crusher and crawled under the ring.  He would later resurface and attack Bone Crusher with a crutch.  Meanwhile, inside the ring, after hitting Kidd with a superkick, "Xtreme" Brett Michaels choked Kidd with a walker, screaming for Kevin to wave it.  The controversial ending of the match occurred when Dirty jumped Kevin out on the floor and waved the flag over the apron resulting in Referee Turtle calling for the bell and awarding the victory to "Studd" Mike Jones & "Xtreme" Brett Michaels, PED TV!!! 

After the match, Kevin Kash tried explaining to Bone Crusher, Kidd Nova and the official Turtle what happened.  While PED TV celebrated the win, Bone Crusher and Kidd Nova jumped them sending "Studd" and Brett out of the ring.  Kevin speared Dirty head first down low.  As The Pink and Black Attack held Dirty down, Kevin Kash came off the center rope with a tadpole splash.  "Xtreme" Brett Michaels waved the flag as Bone Crusher and Kidd Nova put the boots to Dirty, kicking him out of the ring.  Bone Crusher asked for five more minutes, but PED TV declined the offer.

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Terrence Ward closed out the show by thanking everyone on behalf of the Isle of Capri and reminded everyone to "Play More, Be Happy" and to check out

Another fun, sold out show at the Isle of Capri Casino in Lula.  The fact that the staff at Isle of Capri had to bring out more chairs on Labor Day weekend just goes to show how many people love pro wrestling in the area.  On top of that, with the start of college football and the Delta Fair, Wrestling is still King of Sports.  The Jimmy Hart and Bruise Brothers Memphis Wrestling Band concert was absolutely amazing.  I always have an awesome time in Lula.  Can't wait until the next one.
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Happy to see all my fellow media colleagues at Rockin' Wrestling.  Special Thanks to Koby Rutland and Newt Cox for hooking me up with my new Bodyslam Media Productions t-shirt.  Also a big shout-out to the CEO of Big Ramp Enterprises "Big Ramp" Kenneth Wade, 4 Corner Photography's Jon-Paul LeBlanc, and Ronnie Kiddy for snapping these great shots!



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