Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling results from 7-30 in East Ridge, TN

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling, East Ridge, TN, July 30 results:  

Chase Jordan defeated Freddy Reckless to earn a spot in the Golden Opportunity match.  

UEW Tag Team Champions Ben Thrasher & Shane Daniels defeated Derrick Myers & Christian Garrett to retain.  

Savin Roberts defeated Ryan House in a brass knuckles on a pole match.  

Two out of Three Falls Match: Joey Idol defeated JD Rollins.  Rollins retains the UEW Heritage championship because the final fall was a DQ.  

Johnny Viper, Chris Crunkk, Jason Hampton and Ben Thrasher were winners in the Golden Opportunity Match.  Johnny Viper wins a shot at any championship at anytime, Chris Crunkk wins a UEW Tag Team championship match, Jason Hampton wins a UEW Heritage championship match, and Ben Thrasher wins a UEW Undisputed championship match. Other wrestlers in the match were Chance Jordan, Menace, Vance Knuckles, Corey Dye, Zack Malone, and Savin Roberts.  

UEW Undisputed Champion Shane Daniels defeated Jason Collins to retain.

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