Sunday, August 7, 2016

See "Dirty" Dutch Mantell aka WWE's Zeb Colter At Zanies in Nashville, TN This Wednesday, August 10th

Dutch Mantell announced the following on Facebook:

Check this night out. Guaranteed great time. Someone asked me what you going to talk about? I replied, everybody and everything I can. Mostly wrestling but nothing and nobody is spared. When you have the career I've had, there are stories that nobody has heard and are funny. That's what makes humor good. There's always an element of truth to it. This is the same stuff I've been doing for years in dressing rooms and long car trips. If I hadn't done this, those trips would have been doubly LONG. So don't MISS THIS ONE. I'm releasing some more dates soon. So share this with all your friends. TIX ON SALE NOW...615-269-0221

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