Monday, August 22, 2016

     B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown

Match 1:Big Johnny Thunder vs "The Outlaw" TJ Wells
The outlaw has been a mainstay in the Mid-South area for over 10 years. He debuts here vs the largest RSWF superstar. This one starts with Thunder choking and stomping. TJ fights back with some punches of his own and a killer flying-forearm . He puts a beat-down on Thunder but Thunder sneaks in a nut-punch. Thunder drop kicks TJ and throws him out the ring. They fight all the way into the dressing room and get counted out. A Draw.

Match 2: RSWF Southern Heavyweight Champ Charles Ray vs El Jabronni
Charles picks up El Jabroni and does a tilt-a-whirl -body-face slam for the 1,2,3!!!!

Match 3: D'Mone Solavino "The Nephilim"  and  Kazuma Miyamoto vs DJ Brown and Kevin Bless

This one goes back and forth with headlocks and wrist- locks for a bit. Then DJ body slams and drop-kicks D'Mone and the crowd goes wild. Later Kaz does a code-breaker to DJ and it appears over but DJ fights back. D'Mone applies a bear hug for a while. Kaz later chops DJ 4 times and does a super backdrop. He goes for a delayed suplex but DJ reverses it for a DDT. D-Mone Angel-slams Bless. DJ superkicks D-Mone. Kaz spinning sit down power bomb's DJ. Bless running knees Kaz. DJ top neck-breakers D'Mone and Bless follows up with a frog-splash for the 1,2,3!!!

Lexx goes off on V-Man saying "We used to be down . Last week you jumped me when the ref wasn't looking and drug me out so I could get pinned. It's one on one time. I'm calling you out now." Lexx points to the mat. V comes out . " I will give you a title shot.

Match 4:  RSWF Heavyweight Champ V-Man vs "The King of POW" Chris Lexx
Lexx goes ham in the beginning, stomping a mud hole in V-Man. He slaps and punches V more. V says he'll no and fights back. He clubs Lexx about 4 times with his tree trunk arm. V rope chokes Lexx hard. V firearms Lexx and punches him repeatedly. Lexx falls outside . Charles beats him on the floor. Lexx ends up superkicking V. 1,2....Lexx stomps and kicks V. 1,2....Lexx lands a running knee to the face.1,2....Charles jumps in and saves. Lexx wins by DQ but V keeps the belt. Who would have thought these two would cheat.

Match 5: Bishop Kage vs Joker (Full Deck)
Bishop juggachops- Joker. Joker hits 2 flying forearms and a flying knee. Kage goes out the ring. Joker flys through the ropes and lands on Kage. They battle outside . Back in ring , Joker tries a flying double knee. Bishop catches him and drops him face-first on the turnbuckle. Kage chops and clotheslines. Joker gets a crucifix on Kage and rolls his shoulders over. 1,2....Kage gets tangled in the ropes . Joker chops twice.Bishop hits Joker with a vicious spin buster. Joker retaliates with a DDT out of nowhere. 1,2...Bishop cradles Joker and suplexes him. 1,2...Bishop jumps from the top but Joker turns it into a cutter. 1,2....Steel slips some type of illegal object into Kage's hand . Kage hits Joker with it and gets the 1,2,3.

Match 6: Reno 💎 vs. Ace (Full Deck)
Headlocks , arm drags and hip tosses start this one. Ace gets it going with a drop kick and a hard backdrop. Reno comes back with a drop kick and 10 punches. Ace
Stomach drops Reno💎. 1,2....Ace face slams Reno. He hits a flying forearm. Ace goes up top but Reno throws him off. Reno superkicks  1,2....Ace DDT's 1,2.....Ace lands a cradled brain buster . 1,2....Reno lands a flipping splash on Ace. Ace somehow turns the pin into a small package of his own for a quick 1, 2,3!!!!!

Match 5: Main Event
"All That" Alan Steel vs "Dynamite" Johnny Dotson
They get into and early punch out. Steel hits a killer back elbow. Steel goes for a suplex but Dotson reverses it into a neckbreaker. Steel puts a knee breaker on Dotson's bad knee. He applies a one leg twisting submission hold. He hits another knee breaker and slams Dotson's knee on the apron. Steel stomps hard on that leg.Dotson uppercuts Steel. Dotson code readers Steel . Charles pulls the ref out by his legs. The ref calls for the bell. Charles knocks out the ref. All hell ensues and wrestlers come from the back and clean house. What a fun night at #RSWF as always.

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