Monday, August 15, 2016

"Legends Fest" in Dudley, Georgia was apparently a TOTAL DISASTER

The following was posted at by Ben Masters, concerning the disaster of a "fanfest" and wrestling show in Dudley, GA, Saturday. Apparently the "promoter," Greg Greene, didn't have the funds to pay anyone on the card or part of the fanfest. Before it was over, law enforcement got involved. What a mess!

"Ok it's soap box time. I have been in the pro wrestling business for 30 years and I have paid many "dues" along the way. I made a reputation in this business as a fair pay off man and a man of integrity. I have worked for a few crooked promoters but honestly not many. I have been blessed to work with amazing money guys who respected me and the best business. Today I drove 90 miles to help a guy who I thought was straight forward and a man of his word. I trusted someone who honestly isn't "in" our business. So I'm here in Dudley Georgia with some of the biggest names in our business who are not getting paid. The money guy says there IS NO MONEY. After stating he had sold $10,000 worth of tickets. This promoter has broken the trust of guys who have been in our business for years, many who paved the way for the younger guys today. The Sheriff is now involved and hopefully there will be some sort of resolution. In the meanwhile, props to the guys who stayed and worked for the fans who paid to see a show. None if this was their fault. Most of the legends who left were seen at the Meet and Greet this afternoon so the fans were happy with that. Sadly as a whole no one was paid. So the show must go on and whatever money is left will be split along the guys who stayed and wrestled. To GREG GREENE I feel sorry for you. You mistakenly thought that getting wrestlers' phone numbers and booking big names on a show made you a promoter. You forgot one important wrestling is a BUSINESS!! Please do yourself and everyone else a favor and stay away from our great business. You give us all a bad name."

You can read a write up by Larry Goodman on this sham of an event at

The following was posted on Facebook by Zac Edwards:

"To everyone involved with the Dudley Debacle:
The checks are no good. Some are saying their checks cleared. This is false. There has not been enough time for the check to clear. Sure you may have cashed it or deposited it at your bank, but I assure you it will be returned. I have been told by Colonial bank in Macon that Greg was not a signer on the acct. and the acct. is flagged for fraudalent charges. Please spread the word to those that are believing the whole "mine cleared" crap."

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