Sunday, August 7, 2016

      B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
         2 Year Anniversary Show

I'd like to start by saying congrats to Soultaker and the RSWF Family for 2 years of awesome weekly wrestling action. The haters said it would never work and RSWF stood tall and proved them wrong.

Match 1: El Jabronni vs Johnny "Thunder"
El Jabronni comes out on the attack kicking Thunder over and over in the corner. Thunder has enough and clotheslines Jabronni, gives him a big boot, and a fall away slam. Jabronni fights back but Thunder one arm slams Jabronni's face to the mat for the 1,2,3.
Match 2: D'Mone "The  "Nephlem" vs Rob Love
This one starts with back and forth arm twists and hammer locks. D'Mone puts a text book drop toe hold on Love. He throws love into the ropes and hard shoulder tackles him. They hip toss back and forth. Love elbows and covers. 1, does a low one leg drop kick. Eventually D'Mone monkey-flips  Love. Love punches back and completes 2 of three Amigos. D'Mone blocks the last one and does his own 3-Amigos. They keep scrappin but time runs out and the ref signals a no decision.

Match 3: Reno💎 vs Kevin Bless vs D.J. Brown

Reno gets double back dropped and double drop kicked to start. Reno goes to the floor. Bless headlocks DJ. Bless shoulder blocks , then they back and forth hip toss. Reno gets in and backdrops DJ and Russian leg sweeps him. 1,2.....Dj stomps on Reno . DJ kicks Bless and gives him a clothesline. 1,2....Reno forearms DJ and kicks Bless. DH DDT's Bless. 1,2. DJ powerbombs Bless out of nowhere. Bless running knees to the face Reno. DJ leg scissors Reno and sends him flying. Reno comes back and superkicks both men. Reno flips off the top and nails DJ. 1,2....Bless punchesReno 10 times and elbows him. Reno top rope forearms Bless. Reno and DJ double top rope suplex Bless. Reno kicks DJ off the top rope and he almost lands on security lady Tanya James. Reno pulls Bless's tights exposing his butt 1,2....Bless reverses and wraps Reno up for the 1,2,3!!!!!

Match 4: RSWF Heavyweight Champion Kazuma Miyamoto vs V-Man
Kazuma starts off hot kneeing V, chopping him 5 times, and then headbutting him 12 times. He stomps on V's Chest, drops V on his back, and walks on him . V comes back with a hard one-armed slam. He goes airborne for a leg drop. Next V applies an old school Figure 4. Kazuma reverses it and breaks the hold. V kicks his head twice and suplexes him. V misses in the corner. Kaz lands a corner splash and follows with a flying knee. V pulls a choke slam out of no where. Kaz fights back as V goes to the top turnbuckle. Kaz suplexes V from way up. All of a sudden Big Charles Ray comes out and distracts the ref. V finishes Kazuma with a viscous one armed slam for the 1,2,3!!! V-Man is your new RSWF Heavyweight Champ.

Match 5: RSWF Tag Team Champs Full Deck vs Steel Kage
Joker slams Akan hard and clotheslines him. Alan goes to the floor. Full Deck double drop-kicks Kage. Ace holds down the ropes and Joker runs and flys over the top landing on both men. Ace covers Steel back in the ring. 1,2... Ace snap mares Steel. Joker in. Alan trips him and Joker flys head first into the turnbuckle. Kage tags in a jugger chops Joker twice. He clotheslines hard . Steel comes in does a Stretching -suspended-pretzel hold to Joker. Kage comes in and drops Joker's neck on the ropes. Steel comes in and covers 1,2.... They do a double team, Demoltion style back breaker to Joker. Somehow Joker makes the tag and and Ace goes wild. He punches and kicks everyone.Kage back suplexes Ace. While wobbly, Kage spears Ace hard.Kage slaps Ace, slams him, punches him , and double team leap frog drops on his back. Ace comes back and drops Kagd on his face. Kage German-release suplexes Ace. Joker tags in.  He gives Steel Kage a double -noggin-knocker. Steel runs towards the corner but hits nothing but pole and flys to the floor. Ace misses on the outside with s chair hit. He hits Kage on the second try. C -Lo the ref accidentally gets caught in a corner splash. While the ref is down , Alan hits Joker with a belt . Alan goes for a suplex on Joker but he reversed it into a small package for the 1,2,3!!! Full Deck are still the Tag Champs.

MAIN EVENT: RSWF Southern Heavyweight Champion Chris Lexx vs Big Charles Ray
Lexx comes out jumping Charles. He punches him 5 times. Charles punches back but Lexx nails him about 10 times straight. He backs Charles into the corner, climbs to the top and punches him 10 more times. He throws Charles out. Lexx slams Charles into the pole. Charles beats Lexx on the back. He throws Lexx into the ring. Charles hits a big Leg Drop. 1,2....He throws Lexx out . The tussle for a while, then Lexx goes towards the concession stand. Lexx squirts Ketchup all over Charles. He grabs a full-nasty trash can and dumps it all over Charles. The crowd is going nuts at this point and a fight almost breaks out between 2 fans. Me and Mr. Kevin can't stop smiling. Lexx knee lifts Charles and stomps on him 15 times. Lexx does a running-rolling-flip into Charles in the corner. 1,2...Charles fights back.Charles nails Lexx with a twisting one arm slam . 1,2....c-Lo gets knocked down. V tries to interfere but Lexx superkicks him. Alan tries to jump off the top but gets thrown off. Charles one arm spin slams Lexx again. He pulls out some kind of chemical and sprays it on his elbow pad. He puts Lexx in a headlock and makes him smell the chemical. Lexx looks woosy. Charles throws him in a Lex Lugger style torture rack up on his shoulders. C-Lo gets back up . Lexx surrenders and C-Lo calls for the bell. Your new RSWF Champion by submission is Big Charles Ray. What a night of great wrestling action.


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