Saturday, August 27, 2016

    B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
                August 27th, 2016

Match 1: Joker vs DJ Brown
DJ starts off with a body press and some head scissors that send Joker to the floor. DJ flys though the ropes and out onto Joker. Back in ring DJ covers 1,2....Joker punches wildly and power slams DJ. Joker goes for a powerbomb but DJ reverses it. Joker gives DJ a boot to the face and clotheslines. DJ punches back and jumps from the top but Joker catches him with a punch when he jumps off. He takes DJ to the mat for the 1,2,3!!
Match 2: RSWF United States Champ Kevin Bless vs Ace.
They twist each other's arms to start. Ace elbows and punches. Bless does a drop toe gold takedown . Ace dropkicks and covers 1,2....Bless punches but gets caught up in the ropes. Ace runs and leg choke drops on Bless. Bless suplexes Ace but Ace fights back. Ace hooks his leg and lands a cradled-brain-buster on Bless the 1,2,3!!!
Match 3: The Nephilim vs RSWF Southern Heavyweight Champ Charles Ray
Nephilim gets Charles in a headlock but Charles shoulder blocks. Charles follows with a back suplex. Somehow Nephilim gets a crucifix on Charles. 1,2....he kicks Charles leg about 5 times . He drops down on Charles leg. Charles comes back with a body slam and a leg drop. 1,2....Charles puts a spinning face slam on Nephilim and gets the victory.
Match 4: Kazuma Miyamoto and Rob Love vs Pure Power
Charles throws Love. He chops twice and throws love into the corner. He goes for a splash but Love moves and Charles goes head first into the turnbuckle. Love corner splashes twice. Kazuma tags in. He one arm slams Charles, belly to belly suplexes, and leg drops. 1,2...Love tags in.
Charles Backbreakers Love. V comes ge stomps on Love and tags.  Charles camel clutches Love. V back in. He dropkicks love and suplexes him. Charles shoulder blocks Love twice and clotheslines.V comes in and sidewalk slams. V puts a sleeper on Love. Love escapes and kicks V in the face. Both men tag. Kaz goes wild chopping and punching . Kaz chops V 5 times. Charles tags in and puts a spinning face slam on Love for the 1,2,3!!!!
Match 5: Reno💎 and Johnny Dotson vs Steel-Kage
Reno slaps Kage. Kage pushes. Reno punches and Kage pushes again. Reno small packages 1,2....Kage clotheslines Reno hard. Kage slings Steel into Kage. Reno 💎 dropkicks Steel twice. 1, 2....Dotson tags in. Dotson and Reno double dropkick Steel. Dotson punches Steel over and over. Dotson holds his bad leg. Reno is elbowed hard by Steel. Kage comes in. Kage slaps Reno. Bishop hits Dotson. Steel slams Reno 3 times. They do a Demolition style finisher to Reno. 1,2....Dotson is carried back to locker room with leg injury.  Steel punches Reno 3 times. Kage gets wrapped up in the ropes . Reno runs and kicks him. Kage spears Reno. 1,2...Alan jumps Reno. Alan knees Reno hard. Reno bites the hell out of Kage's finger. Reno beats and kicks Kage. Kage tags in Steel. Steel stop s on Reno from wrist, to leg, to wrist, to leg. Steel lands a corner splash and viscous back suplex. Reno hits Steel and C-Lo. C-Lo is knocked out . Full Deck runs out and jumps Steel and Kage hard. Reno frog splashes Steel. Ace pulls C-Lo over to count. 1,2,3!!!! Reno and Dotson win. Alan and Kage attack after the match but Full Deck runs them off. A future match between Full Deck and Steel Kage is set for the belts.
Another fun night of great wrestling action.

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