Sunday, July 17, 2016

SWE "Rebirth" results from 7-8 in Ripley, MS

SWE "Rebirth," Ripley, MS, July 8th 2016 results:
AJ Gray beat CT Jordan after a running knee strike to the back of the head 
"The NXTlvl" Josh Matthews defeated Oblivian and D'Lo Seaton when Josh pinned D'Lo after a double knee gut buster
Neil Taylor defeated The Nightmare known as Jeremiah after the referee was accidentally elbowed in the face. When Jeremiah attempted to hit Neil with his chain, Neil ducked and kicked Jeremiah causing him to drop the chain, allowing Neil to retrieve it and use it to his advantage to get the pin. 
Youth Gone Wild ( Jaxon Stone and Bam Bam Malone ) beat The Abby Street Boot Boys after nailing the Dream Killer 
Diana Taylor beat Paris Kelly after reversing a body scissors into a roll up. 
Eric Wayne defeated Moonshine Mantell when the referee caught Wayne with Mantell's moonshine jug. As the referee returned the jug to the apron Wayne kicked Mantell below the waist behind the referees back and made the cover as he turned around for the win.

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