Thursday, July 7, 2016

Prosouth Wrestling results from 7/1 in Piedmont, AL

ProSouth Wrestling, Piedmont, AL, July 1 results:  
Chairs are Legal Match: Scott Morgan defeated Ayden Andrews w/Mathias Darkthorne.  
"Lingrrie Pillow Fight": James Hardy defeated Kris Parker.  
Three-Way Elimination Tag Match: ProSouth Tag Team Champions Tenure (Steven Michaels & Jed Johnson) defeated BroSouth (Britt Jackson & Trickster) and Shean Christopher & B-What to retain.  
Falls Count Amywhere: ProSouth All Out Champion Charles Zanders defeated Donnie Primetime to retain.  
ProSouth Heavyweight Champion Tyler Gage defeated Dameon Ceretone to retain.

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