Sunday, July 10, 2016

B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown for July 9th, 2016:

Charles Ray comes out and says " where's Lexx. He scared."
Chris Lexx music comes on and Lexx takes the mic "Last week I was going against Alan Steel and you dropped me on my face and tried to break my back. You're not dealing with Bless or Kazuma. I'm the head honcho . I'm 100% man."
All of a sudden Johnny Thunder comes out. He says he's going to wrestle Charles Ray tonight and take out Lexx next. So here we have it. Match 1: Big Johnny Thunder vs Charles Ray. This one starts with a test of strength then pushing back and forth. Thunder starts gettin buck by stomping, choking, throat standing , and corner splashing Charles.Charles fights back with punches, kicks, and elbows.1,2.... Charles drops the big leg down 3 times in a row on Thunder. 1,2...Charles puts a headlock/sleeper on Thunder. Thunder fights out but misses a splash. Charles puts a spinning slam on Thunder and gets the 1,2,3!!!
Next DJ Brown makes his return. Then "Let The Bodies Hit The a Floor"  comes on and Reno Diamond comes out. DJ says he is supposed to fight Kevin Bless. Reno says " I'm not Kevin Bless. I'm Reno Diamond. Next "Dynamite"  Johnny Dotson comes out dancing. Bless finally comes out and says " I came here to wrestle tonight and found a room full of dinosaurs." Soultaker makes his way to the ring . " tonight Kevin Bless will take on Johnny Dotson."
Match 2: RSWF United States Champion Kevin Bless vs "Dynamite " Johnny Dotson.
Dotson hip tosses Bless X 2 and body slams him. Bless returns the 3 favors and adds in a dropkick . Bless kicks Dotson  hard and running Bulldogs him. Dotson slaps Bless and stomps on him . He punches Bless 3 times. Bless comes back but gets kicked in the face. Bless goes crazy with 3 clotheslines and a high cross body . 1,2....1,2....Dotson slams Bless but makes the mistake of turning his back. Bless rolls him up in a small package and gets the quick 1,2,3!!!!!!
Match 3: DJ Brown vs Reno Diamond . They scissor headlock each other to start off. Reno shoulder tackles, headlocks, shoulder tackles again, and dropkicks DJ. DJ dropkicks Reno in the gut. Reno climbs to his feet and knees DJ about 8 times in the stomach. DJ slaps Reno down and slams him. Reno comes back with a dropkick . Reno nails DJ with a German suplex. DJ gets mad and starts a 3-Amigo suplex series. Both men are down . DJ climbs to the top . Reno follows him up and superplexes him off the top. 1,2....DJ goes to the top again and lands a flipping neckbreaker. 1 ,2....Reno hits a hard Superkick.Next Reno does a rope assisted suplex to DJ. He goes for the cover but time expires. Referee Lenso rules it a no contest. Reno and Dotson jump DJ and stomp the crap out of him.
 Match 4: RSWF Heavyweight Champion Kazuma Miyamoto vs V-Man. V tries to jump Kazuma but Kaz kicks , headbutts, and chest chops V over and over. V firearms Kazuma. With the ref distracted , Kage chops Kaz's chest hard. V chokes Kazuma and puts him in an old school Camel Clutch. After he lets go , V kicks Kazuma in the face. 1,2....Kaz punches V in the gut . V hits back. V lands a fall away slam on the big Japanese Samurai. The crowd chants "one more time" so V delivers with another monster slam. 1,2....Kaz comes back with a flying knee followed by Belly to Belly suplex. Kaz stands up and is looking the other way when V comes up underneath Kaz's legs and punches nuts and pulls him down in a school boy wrap up for a quick 1,2,3!!!!! However , the belt was not on the line so Kazuma is still the champ.
Match 5:  Your Main Event:
RSWF Tag Team Champs Full Deck vs Steel Kage. Joker and Kage start it out. Joker goes wild elbowing and drop kicking Kage twice.Kage goes to the floor. Joker flys through the ropes and lands on Kage. Kage gorilla presses Joker over his head and throws him into the ropes where he bounces off and Kage catches him and throws him back into the ring.Steel and Ace tag in. Steel punches Ace. Ace dropkicks Steel. Joker tags in and they doubleteam pancake slam Steel. 1,2...Ace and Bishop come back in. Kage slams Ace hard. Kage clotheslines . 1,2....Steel comes in and stretches Ace's arms out.he tags in Kage again.He slams Ace into the corner twice. They double snap mare ace. Kage slaps Ace hard.Ace slaps back and DDT's Bishop. Bishop lands a vicious German release suplex on Ace. Everyone starts chasing each other in and out of the ring. Alan slams Ace on the apron. He puts a headlock on for s while but Ace drops down and Alan gets hit in the chin. Alan clotheslines and slams Ace.Kage comes in and they double team flip slam Ace. Ace comes back with a Superkick out of nowhere. All of a sudden V -Man jumps in the ring and the ref calls for the bell . Full Deck wins by DQ. This thing gets rowdy and ends up being Lexx and Kaz coming out to help Full Deck. This feud  with the Mercenaries is far from being over. What a great night of action for Memphis Wrestling Fans.

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