Sunday, July 24, 2016

    B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
           VC-LO Berfday Party

Match 1: RSWF U.S. Champ Kevin Bless vs Reno 💎

Kevin Bless takes the mic " I can't believe the crowds' reaction to you. Booooo!!!! You were my mentor. You taught me about the business and got me a job with Soultaker . I called you my uncle." Reno responds "Haven't you ever been taught to respect your elders? You did all that for yourself." Reno hits Kevin bless in the nuts. The bell rings. Reno starts off this match hard. He gives Kevin a backdrop, stomps on him, and choke him. Reynaud then lands dropkick on Kevin bless. Reno tries a hot shot but it is blocked. Bless ends up on the floor. Bless makes a comeback with a drop toe hold. Reno fights back and hits a DJ Brown style flipping neck breaker off the top . Reno celebrates too early. He gets jumped by Bless from behind. Bless Stinger Splashes Reno in the corner. Next he nails Reno with a running knee to the face in the corner. Before Bless can cover Reno, " Dynamite" Johnny Dotson aka "Player Tyrone", runs out and interferes. C-Lo calls for the DQ. Bless is your winner.
Match 2: "The Iceman" Chris Austin vs Johnny "Thunder". Iceman comes out wild . He clotheslines Thunder in the corner. Then a dropkick out of nowhere. He does a twisting leg hold to Thunder. After the hold is released Thunder fights back with a monster head butt and a leg on the neck rope choke. Thunder head butts Austin 4 times straight and then knees him hard in the corner. Thunder goes to the 2nd rope and attempts a "Thunder Drop" but misses. When he stands up, Austin takes him out with a Stone Cold Stunner for the 1,2,3!!!

Match 3: Reno 💎 and "Dynamite" Johnny Dotson vs Kevin Bless and DJ Brown
Dotson jumps DJ punching him over and over. DJ flips Dotson with a twisting head scissors. DJ then lands a perfect missle drop kick off the top. Reno tags in. DJ hits a backdrop on Reno and then a drop kick. Reno goes to the floor. DJ flys out the ring and lands on Reno, almost hitting RSWF security guard Tanya James .Dotson tags in. Bless gives him a running bulldog then beats him like a dog. Reno comes in and slide kicks Bless in the corner. Dotson starts punching Bless. He snap suplexes Bless. Reno comes in and starts pulling Bless's face apart. Reno misses a Macho Man elbow drop off the top. DJ comes in 1,2....Dotson hits a back breaker- front face slam onDJ. Dotson gives DJ a back suplex. Reno comes in. 1,2....DJ slaps Reno in the corner. He elbows Reno. With the ref turned, Dotson nails DJ with a steel chair. Reno covers. 1,2,3!!!!!!

Match 4: Alan Steel, Bishop Kage, and V-Man vs Full Deck and Kazuma Miyamoto
Kage attacks Joker. He slaps him hard on the chest twice. Kage Gorill Presses Joker but Joker lands on his feet . He punches Kage about 3 times and dropkicks him twice. Kazuma and Steel tag in. Kazuma chops Steel about 20 times really fast in the corner. He chops Steel on top of the head. Ace comes in. He kicks Steel and lands a hard back elbow. He chops Steel's head. Kage tags in. Kage and V Man double team leapfrog drop Ace. Then they do a Demoltion style double team finisher to Ace. V tags in. He punches Ace and clotheslines him. Kage back in. Ace kicks Kage and face slams him.. Alan comes in. He stands on Ace's chest. V comes in. Kage throws V off the top rope and he double axe-handles Ace. Steel comes in. He misses a splash in the corner and flys into the pole. Joker is in and V. Joker punches V. Ace superkicked V from behind. Kaz tags in. V tries a kick but gets his leg hung on the rope. Kazuma comes up from behind and wraps V up in a package for the 1,2,3!!!!!!

Match 5: Your Main Event
RSWF Unified Southern Heavyweight Champion "The King of Pow" Chris Lexx vs Charles Ray

Chris Lexx takes the mic " who's the man? POW is all about Power, Opportunity, and Winning." They tie up. Charles twists Lexx's arm but Lexx returns the favor. Charles punches Lexx about 5 times. Lexx goes crazy punching and chopping back about 8 times. Charles throws Lexx in the corner hard. Charles body slams Lexx. Lexx dropkicks Charles out of the blue. He then punches , kicks, slaps , and finally Tripple head butts Charles. He punches Charles about 5 more times and Charles hits the floor. Charles picks up Lexx and slams his back into the steel pole. Lex. Gets up and punches back. Back in ring Charles chokes, punches , kicks, and clotheslines Lexx hard. Lexx chops back . He nails Charles with a DDT. Charles clotheslines . Lexx punches and chips back but Charles clotheslines again. 1,2.....Charles punches Lexx over and over but Lexx shakes his head and says "Noooooo!" He punches Charles and hits a hard Superkick. They tangle up and roll back and forth . Lexx gets Charles rolled up in a small package and gets the 1,2,3!!!!!!

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