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Results From The Ashlynn McClure Memorial Byhalia, MS June 11, 2016-Controversial Global Force Championship Match

The Ashlynn McClure Memorial Tour to benefit St. Jude Children's Hospital stopped at the Byhalia High School gym on Saturday.  For the second straight year, this huge event took place in Ashlynn's hometown and it was another fun-filled night of wrestling action featuring many of the sport's brightest stars.

Xander Gray served as ring announcer and also called all of the evening's action alongside Kellen James.  Your referees were Tommy and Johnny Walker.

The Power Couple, Dustin "FIVE" Starr and Maria Starr kicked off the show by discussing Dustin's upcoming title match against former TNA and Current Global Force Champion "Magnus" Nick Aldis for the Global Force Wrestling Championship.  A special Five Starr Flex Off was announced with Maria acting as the MC.  The 2X Mr. Tennessee and Team USPlabs Athlete challenged members of the audience until a young man came through the curtain and entered the ring.  Maria asked for his name at first and then said, "It doesn't matter."  Dustin jumped him as he was taking his shirt off and delivered a devastating piledriver.  After covering him and making a three count, Maria warned Magnus' wife, former WWE and TNA Women's Champion, Mickie James, that if she thinks she's going to interfere, "I'm going to take her to Slap City!"

Opening Match- Jai Webb & Chop, The Hale County Misfits, & Nathan Aulridge defeated Josh Matthews, Bam Bam Bundy & Nemesis when Jai held Nemesis up in a fireman's carry as Chop hit the ropes, executing a running cutter, followed by a big frog splash by Nathan Aulridge.

NRG members Anton Leveigh & Brandon Barbwire made their way to the ring, followed by their opponents, Naughty By Nature (NXN) Rude & Pokerface.  Since Rude is recovering from a recent heart attack in April, he would not be participating in the match so Pokerface started asking for volunteers from the crowd to take his place.  He picked out a little girl and boy to join him in the ring.  The little girl was ready and started to go after NRG.  Rude shouted from the entrance that " He's ready!"  When the music hit, Pokerface's new tag partner, former WWE Superstar Rodney Mack made his way to the ring, accompanied by Professor P.

2nd Match-NRG Anton Leveigh & Brandon Barbwire vs Pokerface & Rodney Mack with Rude & Professor P in their corner-After punching Anton out on the floor, Referee Johnny Walker ejected Rude from ringside.  Brandon Barbwire was able to school boy Pokerface while grabbing the tights to seal the victory after Pokerface crashed into the ring post shoulder first.  Your Winners, Anton Leveigh & Brandon Barbwire, NRG!!!  Following the match, NRG's celebration was cut short as Rodney Mack caught Anton and Brandon with a double spear.

3rd Match-MWA Tag Team Champions Bradley & Lamonte, The LA Hustlers vs Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor & SuperBrown accompanied by Diana Taylor-SuperBrown came to the ring, playing a guitar dressed casual wearing a hat to the tune of Darius Rucker's "Wagon Wheel."  This would spark a "Let's go, Hootie" chant.  While Referee Tommy was stopping Bradley from using his title belt, Lamonte blasted Neil with his title to get the win.  Your Winners and STILL MWA Tag Team Champions, Bradley & Lamonte, The LA Hustlers!!!  After the bell, Neil Taylor attacked SuperBrown, but SuperBrown would return to the ring with his trademark red and blue Super attire and bodyslam Neil.  SuperBrown later asked everyone to join along as he wished a longtime fan a happy birthday.

4th Match-Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King, Charles Alexander & "Maddog" Dan Sawyer defeated Aj Gray, Addison Caine & "The One" Cody Only after Derrick superkicked Aj, Charles Alexander hit him with a 450.

Reno Diamond & Full Deck, Ace & Joker made their way to the ring and announced that they were wrestling the hometown heroes, who graduated from Byhalia High School.  Reno demanded that the Byhalia audience stand on their feet and cheer for them.  When the fans declined by expressing their disapproval, Reno shouted, "Bring these chumps out so we can take it out on them!"

5th Match-Reno Diamond & Full Deck, Ace & Joker vs Syn, DJ Stunner & Suicide-Knowing these guys' history, this was the highlight of the night.  These teams have waged war many, many times and they always deliver epic matches with some of the most innovative, nonstop action that you will ever see.  This one featured so many OMG moments which included everyone being tied together with headlocks, double back body drops, triple suplexes, suicide dives, moonsaults, shooting stars and a tower of doom.  During the final moments, Suicide hit Joker with a corkscrew overdrive, Ace caught Suicide with a fisherman driver.  Syn nailed Ace with sliced bread #2 and Reno rocked Syn with a rebound brainbuster off the ropes, but only got a two count.  While breaking the pin attempt, Syn executed a bridge and delivered the Dirty Deeds finisher on Reno to get the win for the Byhalia Boys.  Your Winners, Syn, DJ Stunner & Suicide!!!

6th Match-Women's Fatal Four Way-Paris Kelly vs Veronica Fairchild vs Lil Bit vs Former WWE & TNA Women's Champion Mickie James-Both Lil Bit and Mickie James were declared winners after they rolled up Paris Kelly and Veronica Fairchild with schoolgirl pins.

7th Match-MWA Heavyweight Championship-Champion Dell Tucker vs Juggalo Championship Wrestling's very own, 2 Tuff Tony-On the way to the ring, Tony shared his Barcardi with some of the fans, but the fans would get to be physically involved in the match as well.  Tony held Dell while many in the audience had the opportunity to chop away.  Woooooo!  The crowd loved this.  Dell was also sent crashing into several rows of chairs as the action spilled all over the Byhalia High School gym.  Back inside the ring, Tony connected with a springboard somersault leg drop as Dell was draped over the ropes.  Dell would take over and try some of Tony's Barcardi, but it was so strong that it floored Dell, sending him down to the canvas.  The Barcardi would later play a pivotal role as Tony asked Referee Tommy for it while Dell had him locked in a sleeper.  After taking a sip, Tony powered up.  Dell hit Tony down low and grabbed his belt to use, but Referee Tommy took it away from him.  After pushing the referee down, Dell turned around and was greeted with a fist of fire.  Toasty!  Referee Tommy called for the bell, disqualifying Dell Tucker.  Your Winner, 2 Tuff Tony, but STILL your MWA Heavyweight Champion, Dell Tucker!!!  2 Tuff Tony thanked everyone for coming out to the event, saying, "It's an honor to compete for all of you."

Main Event-Global Force Championship-Dustin "FIVE" Starr with Maria vs Former TNA World Champion & Current Global Force Champion "Magnus" Nick Aldis-Before locking up with Magnus, Dustin took timeout to kiss his wife, Maria twice for good luck.  Magnus would soon start mocking Dustin's signature prance after sending Dustin down with a shoulder block.  Magnus actually added some moves of his own, including the running man and robot.  Magnus threw Dustin over the guardrail as they brawled into the bleachers.  Back inside the ring, Maria tripped Magnus giving Dustin the advantage.  The controversial ending to this match began with Maria jumping up on the apron, distracting Referee Johnny Walker, while Dustin hit Magnus with the Global Force title.  Dustin covered Magnus with the official making the one, two, three!  DUSTIN STARR IS YOUR NEW GLOBAL FORCE CHAMPION!!!  However, while Dustin celebrated with the championship the referee noticed that Magnus' foot was under the rope during the count.  Unfortunately for Dustin, Referee Johnny Walker restarted the match.  An enraged Dustin Starr hauled off and punched Referee Johnny with authority.  Dustin tried to hit Magnus again with the belt, but Magnus nailed him with a big boot and climbed to the top-rope for his signature elbow drop.  Maria would stop Magnus with a low blow.  While Maria was smack talking Magnus in the ring, Magnus' wife, Mickie James ran in, spearing her.  CATFIGHT!!!  While Mickie was attacking Maria by punching and pulling her hair, Dustin Starr grabbed Mickie and was berating her.  Mickie kicked Dustin in his stars and Magnus powerbombed him, locking him in the cloverleaf.  Referee Tommy ran in to make the call as Dustin tapped out.  YOUR WINNER AND STILL GLOBAL FORCE CHAMPION, "MAGNUS" NICK ALDIS!!!  After the match, a disappointed Dustin Starr thanked everyone for coming to the show and said that they were going to set up and sell some of their new Five Starr and Power Couple t-shirts with 20% of their sales being donated to St. Jude.

Special shout-out to everyone involved in making this year's Ashlynn McClure Memorial Tour a Good Call for a GREAT CAUSE!

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