Thursday, June 16, 2016

OWO Photos from the 4th Anniversary show!

OWO had their 4th anniversary show this Saturday. They had an award ceremony for the winners voted by the fans. OWO promoter, Terrell,"Dirty", Moore along with announcer Ken presented the awards.

Referee of the Year was Turtle!
Dirty won an award for Match of the Year! Dirty vs. Curly in the Street Fight Match
Announcer of the Year went to Ken
Fans of the Year: Not Pictured Sissy Morgan & Mason Gentry
Jay Griffin accepted the award for Mason.
Most Outrageous Moment: Brody Hawk pouring beer on John Knight

Tony Dabbs trying to accept his award for Wrestler of the Year!

I was voted Photographer of the Year by OWO Fans! Thank you so much everyone. My two favorite things are Wrestling & Photography.. combining the two together is a dream hobby.  It was truly an honor to accept the award.

 Thank you OWO & OWO Fans!

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