Monday, June 20, 2016

Gene Jackson speaks with WNC about New South Win City Part 1 from June 18th in Hartselle, Alabama

Wrestling News Center speaks with the "King of New South" Gene Jackson about Win City Part 1

Wrestling News Center: "This past Saturday, New South Wrestling presented Win City Part 1 in Hartselle, Alabama at the Sparkman Civic Center....tell us a bit about that event."

Gene Jackson: "It was another great New South event with over 400 fans in attendance headlined by an amazing main event with AR Fox taking on former WWE/ECW Superstar Colin Delany, everyone in the building was on their feet for almost the entirety of that match."

WNC: "New South has quietly been becoming one of the top promotions in the Southeast, true?"

GJ: "Absolutely, they have brought in big stars like WWE/NXT's Rhyno, ROH Star Moose, The Rock & Roll Express, and have been further establishing great talent like Chrisjen Hayme, Nick Traimer, Jeremy Flynt, plus bringing in established indy talent like Sugar Dunkerton, Adam Jacobs, Team IOU, and a ton of others in front of some of the biggest crowds in the state."

WNC: "What is your role in New South?"

GJ: "Well up until Win City, I was a manager as well as a color commentator for the DVDs (available at  However, at Win City, I stepped into the ring for the first time as a wrestler alongside my Jackson Faction of Jeremy Flynt & Alabama Legend 'Wild Thing' Will Owens as we took on crowd favorites Dump Sanders, Big Spade, and Nick Traimer. At the end, I single-handedly defeated Dump Sanders making me the only guy on the roster to pin him in Hartselle since the inception of New South."

"The King of New South" & Jeremy Flynt

WNC: "Umm, didn't Kris McInnis turn on Dump and knock him out...which led to you getting the pinfall?"

GJ: "Who?...what?....what are you talking about?...who is Chris McGuinness?? I took him out on my own and pinned him all by myself, which led to the entire arena chanting my name and declaring me not only 'The King of All Wrestling Media' but also insisting that I'm now the 'King of New South' which I will be referred to accordingly...from this point on."

WNC: "Ok...moving on.  Who are you most impressed with on the New South roster right now?"

GJ: "There's a lot of impressive guys on the roster....most notably Jeremy Flynt and Will Owens....but outside of those've got Odinson who is just an absolute beast who is killing it all across the South these days.....not to mention the Black Baron and the top tag team in the Southeast right now Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy, Team IOU."


WNC: "When is the next New South event?"

GJ: "Win City Part 2 will take place on Friday July 29th in Fayetteville, TN. and the 1 Year Anniversary Show on Saturday August 6th back in Hartselle, AL."

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