Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Finding Zach Gowen" One-Legged Wrestler's Life Story

If you only know him from his awe-inspiring run of the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course on NBC, now is your chance to get the whole true story. The obstacles Zach Gowen has endured in life, since practically day one, have shaped him into the man he is today, but there were many pitfalls and lessons to be learned along the way. From cancer to addiction to the bright lights of WWE, there isn't much Zach hasn't experienced on his roller-coaster of a life story. "Finding Zach Gowen" is the story of one man's journey through life to live a dream, losing it all, and then finding himself. 

View the official trailer here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=919nofDzkRw

While you can purchase "Finding Zach Gowen", and a litany of other great titles, to own permanently at Joe-Dombrowski.com, "Finding Zach Gowen" marks the first of many titles that will be available for rental as part of the revolutionary FITE TV App. Championed by luminaries such as legendary Hall of Famer Jim Ross, FITE TV offers content from TNA Wrestling, Ring of Honor, as well as countless other pro wrestling, mixed martial arts, and boxing organizations and other content distributors.

"I'm very excited to see many of my documentaries and 'Best of' titles make their way to the FITE TV App," said Joe Dombrowski, producer and host of "FZG" as well as over a dozen other titles, "FITE TV is a great platform that can showcase the very diverse library of wrestling content that I have to an equally diverse and rapidly growing audience. I truly feel my content offers something for everyone, and I'm thrilled that 'Finding Zach Gowen' is the first to be showcased on FITE. From an emotional standpoint, when it comes to making the audience feel something, I truly think Zach's life story is without comparison in wrestling."

More titles from Joe Dombrowski will be added to FITE in the coming weeks, including the controversial "Montreal Theory", debating the validity of wrestling's most infamous screwjob, "Refereeing 101", a ground-breaking look at the role of the referee in wrestling, starring Jimmy Korderas, and "The Legend of Virgil", a comical but honest look at wrestling's most ironic celebrity. All this plus titles devoted to AJ Styles, Johnny Gargano, and many more that are also available to own now at Joe-Dombrowski.com.

"Finding Zach Gowen" synopsis:

After a tumultuous childhood, an 8-year-old Zach Gowen faced the ultimate adversity — cancer. It was a battle that would cost Zach his left leg, but still he refused to be a victim. Just ten years later, Zach would see his childhood dream come true — a career as a world-famous professional wrestler, eventually signing with the global phenomenon World Wrestling Entertainment. However, success was fleeting, and a young, immature, and now unemployed Zach now found himself on a new road — one of self-destruction. Fame and fortune gave way to drugs and alcohol, and it seemed like what was once an inspirational story of hope was destined for a dark and depressing end — death. Had Zach lost his way for good or could he re-discover that light that had guided him through so many perils of his past? For the first time ever, watch in its entirety, the life story of one man who was given everything, before he was ready to handle anything, and who had to lose it all… to find himself.
“Finding Zach Gowen: The Life Story of the World’s First One-Legged Pro Wrestler” is a 2-plus hour journey of emotion and drama that must be seen to be believed. Despite being just 30 years of age, Zach has experienced enough to fill four or five lifetimes, and for the first time ever, Zach is completely open and honest about his greatest triumphs & tragedies in this two-disc four-hour DVD set.
FEATURING: In-depth interviews with Zach Gowen and his family & personal friends, as well as wrestling superstars Jimmy Jacobs, Truth Martini, Rhino, Paul London, Jimmy Korderas, Gregory Iron, Brian Gorie and more!
Rarely or never-before-seen photographs and video footage of Zach throughout his life from the cast’s personal collections!
Plus: Special Bonus Matches featuring alternate commentary by Zach himself, including:
Zach Gowen vs. Truth Martini (Zach’s first ever match)
Zach Gowen vs. N8 Mattson (Zach’s final match before rehab)
Zach Gowen, Christopher Daniels & Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition & N8 Mattson
Zach Gowen vs. Gregory Iron
Approx. Run Time: 4 Hours
DVD edition is available at at Joe-Dombrowski.com!
Rent now by downloading the FITE TV App!

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