Monday, June 27, 2016

B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
             "Proving Grounds"

Match 1: Chris Austin vs Jodan w/Titania (The Bold and the Beautiful) vs Johnny Thunder
Thunder takes over this match from the jump clotheslines ing everyone. He gives Jodan a fall away slam, hip tosses Austin, chokes Austin, headbutts Austin, suplexes Jodan, and butt splashes both. They come back as Austin slings Jodan into Thunder in the corner. Then Jodan slings Austin into Thunder. 1,2....Jodan steps on Thunders neck.Thunder gets tossed out and is eliminated. Austin turns around and gets hit by Jodan.Thunder holds Austin's feet so Jodan gets the 1,2,3!!!!!

Match 2: RSWF United States Championship Match
Champion Kevin Bless vs Rob Love w/ Titania (The Bold and the Beautiful)
This one starts off with back and forth arm twists and tests of strength. Love lays a hard shoulder tackle on Bless. 1,2....Love headlocks , body slams , and leg drops Bless 1,2....Love kicks Bless in the face and suplexes him.They run into the ropes and Bless goes over for a sunset flip 1,2....Love clotheslines again and suplexes Bless 1,2....Love gives Bless a Rusdian leg-sweep but misses off the top ropes. Bless clotheslines Love but he gets up and shoulder tackles Bless.Love hits Bless with a stunner out of nowhere. 1,2.....Love puts a leg submission hold on Bless but Bless uses his free leg to kick love in the head. They both get up. Love misses a splash in the corner. Bless comes up from behind and rolls Love into a school boy wrap up for the 1,2,3!!!! Bless is still the US Champ.

Match 3: RSWF Heavyweight Championship Match
Champ Kazuma Miyamoto vs "All That " Alan Steel
This one starts with back and forth arm bars, headlocks , and double shoulder blocks that leave both men stunned. Kaz goes for a Japanese Thumb Spike early but Alan slips out of the ring. Kaz throws Alan into a steel pole and throws him back in the ring. 1,2....Kaz headbutts and elbow drops. 1,2....Alan lands a flying forearm out of nowhere.1,2.....Steel knees to the face and punches Kazuma about 6 times.1,2.....Steel punches Kaz in the back, does a "Fargo  Strutt" and drops an elbow .1,2....Steel headlocks but Kaz elbows out and kicks Steel in the face. They pinch back and forth. Alan climbs to the top and leaps but is caught by Kaz who turns it into a brutal belly to belly Suplex.  Kaz gets up an punches Alan about 10 times. He goes crazy chopping and slapping Alan's chest. 1,2 Kaz goes for his finisher but it's broken up by those no good cheaters Pure Power.  They beat on Kaz until Full Deck runs out and clears the ring. A DQ win for Kazuma to remain RSWF Heavyweight Champ.

Match 4: RSWF Tag Team Championship Match
Champions Pure Power ( aka The Mercenaries, The Hollywood Clique) vs Full Deck (Ace and Joker)
Let me just start by saying this was one of my favorite matches of the year. The crowd was hollering and on their feet. The match started where the last match ended. All 4 men still in the ring. Pure Power jumps Full Deck and throws them out the ring.V slams Joker to the pole. Charles and Ace scrap. V v kicks Ace and throws him onto the apron. V punches Ace and chokes him. Charles beats Joker and power slams him in the ring. 1,2....this is when it got out of control and my notes are not great cause everyone was running around trying to watch the action near the restrooms. Charles throws Ace into the audiences and about 2 rows of chairs get knocked down as the crowd scatters. The place is erupting at this point. V-Man grabs a crutch and beats Joker. Charles body slams Ace onto the ring stairs. They choke and beat each other with different objects for about 3 minutes. Back in ring V choke slams Joker. When he turns around he gets the hardest super kick i have seen in a long time .1,2....Charles comes to help but is kicked and double choke slammed by Full Deck for the 1,2,3!!!!!!!!! For the first time in over a year we have new RSWF Tag Team Champions , Full Deck!!!! What a match for d school Memphis Wrestling fans.

Match 5: Your Main Event
RSWF  Southern Heavyweight Championship Match
Best of 3
"The King of Pow" Chris Lexx vs Bishop Kage
They start out shoulder blocking and headlocking back and forth. Lexx goes wild chopping Kage 6 times in the chest . Lexx elbows off the top rope 1,2....They are now outside the ring. Kage chops Lexx chest hard. Back in ring Kage clotheslines. He throws Lexx hard into the corner 3 times. He puts a sleeper on Lexx and it works. Kage wins fall 1. After a 30 second break, Lexx superkicked Kage. Kage forearms and fireman carries Kexx to the corner and throws him onto the turnbuckles. Kage chips Lexx chest about 5 times. Lexx fights back and when Bishop gets woozy , he spears him and gets the 1,2,3 to win fall 2. One fall left for the tie-breaker. This time no DQ.Alan runs in from the back and hits Lexx with "Twisted Steel" . Kage covers . 1,2.....They fight outside. Kage hits Lexx twice with a steel chair. He Rams Lexx into the fire extinguisher and it goes off cause a big cloud to fill the RSWF arena. Back in ring Lexx nails Kage with a DDT. He sets a chair up. However it backfires as Kage side walk slams Lexx onto it. 1,2....Kage neck breaks Lexx hard 1,2....Kage goes for s spear but knocks out referee C-Lo.Pure Power runs out and double choke slams Lexx. Then Full Deck sneaks into the ring double super kicks Kage. They pull Lexx onto Kage and wake up C-Lo. 1,2,3!!!!!!!! The new RSWF Southern Heavyweight Champion is "The King of Pow" Chris Lexx! Wooooooo!!!!!

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