Monday, June 6, 2016

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Saturday June 4th 2016

Match 1: El Jabronni vs Johnny Thunder. This was a lopsided match. Thunder Clotheslines, slams, kicks , headbutts , power slams, and Thunder Drops his way to a quick 1,2,3.
Match 2:
RSWF Heavyweight Champ Kaziman Miyamoto vs Ace (Full Deck)
This one starts off with back and forth chops and chest slaps till Ace lands a back elbow and a missle dropkick. Kaziman fights back with a headlock and a big power slam.1,2. Ace lands a big Superkick that lays Kaz out. All of sudden Bishop Kage and V-Man come out. The ref is distracted by Kage while V-Man choke slams the hell out of Ace. The ref turns around and Kaziman gets the 1,2,3!!!
Next : Contract signing for RSWF Unified Southern Heavyweight championship between "The King of Pow" Chris Lexx and Bishop Kage. This got ugly with name calling and table flipping. Finally after bucking up to each other and hollering they both signed.
Match 3:
Eddie Phoenix vs Chris Austin
Before the match starts RSWF fan Lynn Conley almost whoops Eddie's butt for being a jerk. Austin and Phoenix go back and forth with arm twists, headlocks, and hip tosses until Phoenix gets a weapon out of his pocket   And jabbing Austin in the head and neck with it. It looked liked some type of shock thing . Austin tries to fight back but the weapon takes him down. Phoenix gets the cheating victory .
The Dance with C-Lo Halftime show featured a birthday recognition of local Memphis Wrestling fan favorite, Chris Lexx. Referee C-Lo gave Lexx a Blue King of Pow Crown.
Match 4:
RSWF US Champ Kevin Bless vs DJ Brown
A game of mercy starts this one off. Bless lands a Clothesline but DJ puts a hard snap suplex to Bless. DJ with a drop kick but  Bless isn't fazed. He kicks DJ in the head. He goes for a running knee to the face but hits his knee on the turnbuckle. Bless ends up superplexing DJ. They clothesline each other then start scrappin . The ref tries to break them up. They push the ref down twice and he calls for the bell. Double DQ.
Match 5: V-Man and Bishop Kage vs The Bold and The Beautiful with Miss Titania Ezra Scarlet.
Kage chops Love but love elbows and clotheslines Kage. Jodan tags in and gets thrown hard twice to the corner. V-Man tags in with a drop kick and a suplex. Kage comes in. He lands a fall away slam on Jodan. V comes in with a slingshot suplex. V DDT's and puts a sleeper on Jodan.  Titania gets the crowd chanting "B and B" . Jodan lands a cartwheel splash off the top. 1,2... Love tags in and goes crazy. V gets double superkicked but they forget about Kage. Kage spears Jodan for the 1,2,3...
Match 5: Main Event
By the time this one came on my phone died so my notes are limited. I remember a street fight with a lot of punching , chopping, and slapping. It was a pretty clean , hard fight until Bishop Kage tried to interfere. Alan held Lexx still while Kage tried to smash a tray of Lexx's birthday cupcakes in Lexx's own face. Lexx ducks and Kage hits Alan in the face instead. Lexx throws the Lexxecutionsher on Alan for the 1,2,3!!!!

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