Wednesday, June 1, 2016

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for May 28th 2016

Match 1: Johnny Thunder vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin
Thunder pushes Austin down a couple times to start the match. Austin kicks and snap mares Thunder and then kicks him again and drops a knee. Thunder comes back with a headbutt and a splash. 1,2.....Thunder chokes Austin 3 different ways and gives him a big boot to the face. Austin tornado DDT's Thunder and splashes him off the top ropes for the 1,2,3!!!!

Match 2: El Jabborni vs Kazuma Miyamoto
Kazuma wastes no time in this match. He gives Jabborni a Japanese thumb spike, a vicious, spinning back suplex, and finally Hakashimono The Destroyer for the 1,2,3!!!! Kazuma grabs the mic and starts complaining about how he deserves a shot at the heavyweight title. Soultaker comes out and says " you keep running your mouth about how you want a title shot. Austin , Falcon, and Thunder come out here. If you can beat all 3 of these guys you will be the champ and that's what happens. After a short battle royale, Kazuma eventually throws all 3 men over the top rope and becomes RSWF Heavyweight Champ. ( not to be confused with The RSWF Unified Southern Heavyweight Belt.)

Match 3: RSWF United States Champ Kevin Bless vs DJ Brown
The match starts with a couple arm twists by Bless. DJ puts Bless in a side headlock. Bless escapes and corner Clotheslines DJ. Bless lands a leg drop . DJ dropkicks Bless and goes for the cover 1,2.....DJ flips over the top rope and splashes Bless. 1,2....Bless drop toe holds DJ and slams his head to the bottom turnbuckle. Bless suplex is blocked and DJ gives Bless The 3 Amigos. DJ climbs to the top and lands a flipping neckbreaker. 1,2....Bless puts foot on the rope. Bless hits DJ with a running knee to the face in the corner. Bless lands a text book Senton bomb off the top for the 1,2,3!!!!!

Match 4: Alan Steel and Big Charles Ray vs The Bold and The Beautiful w/ Miss Titania Ezra Scarlet.
Steel and Jodan start it off. Steel headlocks and arm breaks Jodan then gives him a hard shoulder block. Jodan comes back with 2 arm drags and an arm bar. He tags in Rob Love and they double suplex and double elbow drop Steel. These 2 work great as a tag team. Love elbows  and clotheslines Steel. Jodan tags in. He kicks Steel in the head and clotheslines then quickly tags in Love. Love Steel somehow tags in Charles Ray and he gives Jodan an electric chair drop off the top. Steel tags in and gives Jodan a backdrop from hell. Charles tags in and gives Jodan 2 Backbreakers and a power slam.He tags in Alan but Ace comes in and goes wild , throwing everyone out the ring except for Charles who gets up and when Ace turns around    gets a whirling one-arm slam for the 1,2,3!!!!

Match 5: Main Event for the Unified Southern Heavyweight Championship Title
Bishop Kage vs " The King of Pow" Chris Lexx  ( Best of 7- Kage leading 3-2)
Lexx starts strong with a back elbow and an uppercut. Kage comes back with a hard corner clothesline. Kage juggachops Lexx on his chest . Lexx chops and punches. Kage drops Lexx with an overhead suplex. He pulls Lexx's hair , chops him, and levels him with a spinebuster. Kage then delivers a twisting, stretching , neck breaker across his back. Lexx fights back but misses off the top. Kage gives Lexx a prison yard clothesline. Lexx fights back by chipping away at Kage. He climbs back to the top and lands a cartwheel style splash. Lexx misses a Superkick and Kage nails him spear. 1,2.... Lexx kicks out . While Kage argues with the ref, Lexx rolls him up in a small package for the 1, 2,3!!!! Series tied 3-3. Afterward  Kage hits Lexx with a POW bat in the nuts and knocks  him out with the mic.

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