Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling results from 6-18 in East Ridge, TN

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling, East Ridge, TN, June 18 results:  

Lamar Phillips defeated Dante HP.  

Corey Dye & Vance Knuckles defeated The Centerfolds (Keith Arden & Luke Patterson).  

Jason Collins defeated Zach Malone.  

JD Rollins & Ryan House defeated Joey Idol & Savin Roberts.  

Taped fist match: Brad Cash vs. Shane Daniels ended in a no contest when both men failed to answer the 10 count.  

I Quit Match: Chase Jordan defeated Brandon Collins.

Pro Wrestling Ego results from 6-18 in Jackson, MS

Pro Wrestling EGO, Jackson, MS, June 18 results:  

Xtian Blake defeated Double D w/Princess Erica.  

Zane defeated Chuck McMullen.  

Shakey McMullen over Mr. Jenkins via DQ due to interference by Days of Rage.  

Mike Carter defeated Barry Wolf w/Big Ramp.  

Alex Cruz defeated Frankie Thomas.  

Three Stages of Fear match: Nightmare Known as Jeremiah defeated Max Glory after hanging Glory with a chain before stuffing him into a body bag.  

Dark Fury defeated Ali Shabazz.

High Risk Wrestling results from 6-25 in Warsaw, MO

High Risk Wrestling, Warsaw, MO, 6/25 results:

Brandon Espinosa & Brandon Aarons defeated Evan Morris & Matt Kenway.

Mike Outlaw over Jake Dirden via disqualification.

Kiyoshi Shizuka defeated Jay Howard.

Ace Hawkins defeated The Canadian Cougar.

Triple Threat: Tony Kozina defeated Elvis Aliaga & Tyler Copeland.

NWA Central States Champion Deven Spade defeated Evan Morris to win the NWA Missouri Championship.

AJ Williams & Da'Marius Jones defeated High Level Enterprise (Jack Gamble & Jon Webb) to win the vacant HRW Tag Team Championship.

Mike Outlaw defeated Ace Hawkins and Kiyoshi Shizuka to win the HRW Mayhem Championship.

Watch Triple H beat up a fan who attacked Stone Cold Steve Austin

Check this out!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

World League Wrestling results from 6-25 in Belle, MO

World League Wrestling, Belle, MO, 6/25 results:

"Superstar" Steve Fender defeated Roy Lewis.

Leland Race defeated Mark Sterling.

Kyle Roberts defeated Karim Brigante.

Heather Patera & Stacey O'Brien defeated Lucy Mendez & Miss Monica Passeri.

Leland Race & Roy Lewis defeated Steve Fender & Mark Sterling.

Shine Wrestling results from 6-17 in Ybor City, FL

Shine Wrestling, Ybor City, FL, June 17 results:  
Five-way Money in the Bank Elimination Match: Ivelisse w/Amanda Carolina Rodriguez defeated Nicole Matthews, Santana, Kellie Skater, and Mia Yim.  
Luscious Latasha & Maria Maria defeated Rhia O'Reilly & Viper.  
Kellyanne defeated Chelsea Green.  
Shine Tag Team Champions BTY (Jayme Jameson & Marti Belle) defeated Evie & Shazza McKenzie to retain.  
Rachael Ellering defeated Tessa Blanchard.  
Su Yung defeated Kay Lee Ray.  
Ivelisse w/Amanda Carolina Rodriguez defeated Taylor Made, Madison Eagles and Allysin Kay in a four way match to win the SHINE Championship via submission over Taylor Made. 

WWE House Show results from 6-14 in Biloxi, MS

WWE, Biloxi, MS, June 14 results:

Paige defeated Eva Marie.

Becky Lynch defeated Summer Rae.  
Jack Swagger defeated Viktor.  
Apollo Crews defeated Bubba Ray Dudley.

Fatal Four Way: Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods & Big E defeated Aiden English (w/Simon Gotch), Luke Gallows (w/Karl Anderson) and Big Cass (w/Enzo Amore).  
Baron Corbin defeated Zack Ryder.  
Rusev defeated Kalisto.  
AJ Styles defeated Xavier Woods.  
Charlotte w/Dana Brooke defeated Natalya w/Becky Lynch.  
Dean Ambrose, Cesaro & Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio.

OVW results from 6-15 in Louisville, KY

Ohio Valley Wrestling, Louisville, KY, June 15 results:  

Randy Royal w/Jessie Belle & Shane Andrews over The Assassin by DQ.

Bud Dwight defeated Dan Van Zandt w/Scarlet & Little Damion.  
Triple Threat Match: OVW TV Champion Tony Gunn defeated Tyler Matrix w/Torey Payne and Robbie Walker via submission in a triple threat match to retain.  
Big Zo defeated Brother Reed.  
Adam Revolver defeated Shane Andrews w/Jessie Belle & Randy Royal.  
Trevor Steele defeated Stephon Smith via submission to become the #1 contender for the OVW TV championship.  
Rocco Bellagio defeated Rudy Switchblade.  

Little Damion w/Dan Van Zandt & Scarlet defeated Houdini.  
Justin Smooth defeated Jade Dawson.

ProSouth Wrestling results from 6-17 in Piedmont, AL

ProSouth Wrestling, Piedmont, AL, June 17 results:  
Tenure (Steven Michaels & Jed Johnson) defeated Britt Jackson in a handicap match to win the ProSouth Tag Team championship (title had been vacant).  
AIWF Mid-South Champion Joey Idol defeated Deon Mercer to retain.  
War w/Mathias Darkthorne defeated Kris Parker.  
Tyler Gage defeated Dylan Cook.  
Triple Threat Match: Charles Zanders defeated B-What and Donnie Primetime to win the ProSouth All-Out championship.

Fun Times @ Fanboy Expo Knoxville Comic Con

Captain's Log:  Over the weekend, I got to experience my first ever Comic Con at the Fanboy Expo in Knoxville.  Man, I had a blast!  If you enjoy wrestling, comics and television this was the place to be.  There was something for everybody as the iconic William Shatner was in the building as well as Billy Dee Williams, "Mini Me" Verne Troyer, "Superman" Dean Cain, "I Dream of Jeannie" Barbara Eden, "Mary Ann" from Gilligan's Island, Dawn Wells, "Flash Gordon" Sam J. Jones, Lea Thompson, Micky Dolenz from The Monkees and the stars from The Dukes of Hazzard! 

As far as wrestlers that were in attendance:  Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were there as well as Jeff Hardy, Buff Bagwell, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson, The Rock 'n' Roll Express, Chase Stevens, Angelina Love, Crazzy Steve, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and the 16X World Champion and 2X Hall of Famer "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.  Woooooo!!!

It was so awesome being there alongside my brother, Ricky as he met his hero 

Ricky wasn't the only one "Stylin' and Profilin'" in a custom made robe

One highlight was seeing everyone that was dressed up in their favorite costume

Meeting Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Next was a real treat as I met the stunning and feisty New Yorker, GinaMarie Zimmerman, runner-up from Big Brother Season 15.  Total sweetheart.

Later on, while meeting Jeff Hardy, he saw my autograph picture from GinaMarie and this sparked a surprise Big Brother conversation with "The Charismatic Enigma".

Smiles and excitement everywhere.  It reminded me of my first WrestleMania experience, making me feel like a little kid again.  Can't beat the sheer joy that was present in Knoxville.  Just some Good Ol' Calls!!!


VCA Friday Night Supershow July 1st Memphis, TN

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Interview with Terri Runnels

Good interview with Terri Runnels:
(Photo Credit:

"Finding Zach Gowen" One-Legged Wrestler's Life Story

If you only know him from his awe-inspiring run of the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course on NBC, now is your chance to get the whole true story. The obstacles Zach Gowen has endured in life, since practically day one, have shaped him into the man he is today, but there were many pitfalls and lessons to be learned along the way. From cancer to addiction to the bright lights of WWE, there isn't much Zach hasn't experienced on his roller-coaster of a life story. "Finding Zach Gowen" is the story of one man's journey through life to live a dream, losing it all, and then finding himself. 

View the official trailer here -

While you can purchase "Finding Zach Gowen", and a litany of other great titles, to own permanently at, "Finding Zach Gowen" marks the first of many titles that will be available for rental as part of the revolutionary FITE TV App. Championed by luminaries such as legendary Hall of Famer Jim Ross, FITE TV offers content from TNA Wrestling, Ring of Honor, as well as countless other pro wrestling, mixed martial arts, and boxing organizations and other content distributors.

"I'm very excited to see many of my documentaries and 'Best of' titles make their way to the FITE TV App," said Joe Dombrowski, producer and host of "FZG" as well as over a dozen other titles, "FITE TV is a great platform that can showcase the very diverse library of wrestling content that I have to an equally diverse and rapidly growing audience. I truly feel my content offers something for everyone, and I'm thrilled that 'Finding Zach Gowen' is the first to be showcased on FITE. From an emotional standpoint, when it comes to making the audience feel something, I truly think Zach's life story is without comparison in wrestling."

More titles from Joe Dombrowski will be added to FITE in the coming weeks, including the controversial "Montreal Theory", debating the validity of wrestling's most infamous screwjob, "Refereeing 101", a ground-breaking look at the role of the referee in wrestling, starring Jimmy Korderas, and "The Legend of Virgil", a comical but honest look at wrestling's most ironic celebrity. All this plus titles devoted to AJ Styles, Johnny Gargano, and many more that are also available to own now at

"Finding Zach Gowen" synopsis:

After a tumultuous childhood, an 8-year-old Zach Gowen faced the ultimate adversity — cancer. It was a battle that would cost Zach his left leg, but still he refused to be a victim. Just ten years later, Zach would see his childhood dream come true — a career as a world-famous professional wrestler, eventually signing with the global phenomenon World Wrestling Entertainment. However, success was fleeting, and a young, immature, and now unemployed Zach now found himself on a new road — one of self-destruction. Fame and fortune gave way to drugs and alcohol, and it seemed like what was once an inspirational story of hope was destined for a dark and depressing end — death. Had Zach lost his way for good or could he re-discover that light that had guided him through so many perils of his past? For the first time ever, watch in its entirety, the life story of one man who was given everything, before he was ready to handle anything, and who had to lose it all… to find himself.
“Finding Zach Gowen: The Life Story of the World’s First One-Legged Pro Wrestler” is a 2-plus hour journey of emotion and drama that must be seen to be believed. Despite being just 30 years of age, Zach has experienced enough to fill four or five lifetimes, and for the first time ever, Zach is completely open and honest about his greatest triumphs & tragedies in this two-disc four-hour DVD set.
FEATURING: In-depth interviews with Zach Gowen and his family & personal friends, as well as wrestling superstars Jimmy Jacobs, Truth Martini, Rhino, Paul London, Jimmy Korderas, Gregory Iron, Brian Gorie and more!
Rarely or never-before-seen photographs and video footage of Zach throughout his life from the cast’s personal collections!
Plus: Special Bonus Matches featuring alternate commentary by Zach himself, including:
Zach Gowen vs. Truth Martini (Zach’s first ever match)
Zach Gowen vs. N8 Mattson (Zach’s final match before rehab)
Zach Gowen, Christopher Daniels & Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano, Josh Prohibition & N8 Mattson
Zach Gowen vs. Gregory Iron
Approx. Run Time: 4 Hours
DVD edition is available at at!
Rent now by downloading the FITE TV App!

NWA Cajun Heat 7-2 in Morgan City, LA


Morgan City Municipal Auditorium
728 Myrtle St
Morgan City, LA

Monday, June 27, 2016

Stephanie McMahon interview highlights

Check out these highlights from an interview with Stephanie McMahon:
B's RSWF Wrestling Rundown
             "Proving Grounds"

Match 1: Chris Austin vs Jodan w/Titania (The Bold and the Beautiful) vs Johnny Thunder
Thunder takes over this match from the jump clotheslines ing everyone. He gives Jodan a fall away slam, hip tosses Austin, chokes Austin, headbutts Austin, suplexes Jodan, and butt splashes both. They come back as Austin slings Jodan into Thunder in the corner. Then Jodan slings Austin into Thunder. 1,2....Jodan steps on Thunders neck.Thunder gets tossed out and is eliminated. Austin turns around and gets hit by Jodan.Thunder holds Austin's feet so Jodan gets the 1,2,3!!!!!

Match 2: RSWF United States Championship Match
Champion Kevin Bless vs Rob Love w/ Titania (The Bold and the Beautiful)
This one starts off with back and forth arm twists and tests of strength. Love lays a hard shoulder tackle on Bless. 1,2....Love headlocks , body slams , and leg drops Bless 1,2....Love kicks Bless in the face and suplexes him.They run into the ropes and Bless goes over for a sunset flip 1,2....Love clotheslines again and suplexes Bless 1,2....Love gives Bless a Rusdian leg-sweep but misses off the top ropes. Bless clotheslines Love but he gets up and shoulder tackles Bless.Love hits Bless with a stunner out of nowhere. 1,2.....Love puts a leg submission hold on Bless but Bless uses his free leg to kick love in the head. They both get up. Love misses a splash in the corner. Bless comes up from behind and rolls Love into a school boy wrap up for the 1,2,3!!!! Bless is still the US Champ.

Match 3: RSWF Heavyweight Championship Match
Champ Kazuma Miyamoto vs "All That " Alan Steel
This one starts with back and forth arm bars, headlocks , and double shoulder blocks that leave both men stunned. Kaz goes for a Japanese Thumb Spike early but Alan slips out of the ring. Kaz throws Alan into a steel pole and throws him back in the ring. 1,2....Kaz headbutts and elbow drops. 1,2....Alan lands a flying forearm out of nowhere.1,2.....Steel knees to the face and punches Kazuma about 6 times.1,2.....Steel punches Kaz in the back, does a "Fargo  Strutt" and drops an elbow .1,2....Steel headlocks but Kaz elbows out and kicks Steel in the face. They pinch back and forth. Alan climbs to the top and leaps but is caught by Kaz who turns it into a brutal belly to belly Suplex.  Kaz gets up an punches Alan about 10 times. He goes crazy chopping and slapping Alan's chest. 1,2 Kaz goes for his finisher but it's broken up by those no good cheaters Pure Power.  They beat on Kaz until Full Deck runs out and clears the ring. A DQ win for Kazuma to remain RSWF Heavyweight Champ.

Match 4: RSWF Tag Team Championship Match
Champions Pure Power ( aka The Mercenaries, The Hollywood Clique) vs Full Deck (Ace and Joker)
Let me just start by saying this was one of my favorite matches of the year. The crowd was hollering and on their feet. The match started where the last match ended. All 4 men still in the ring. Pure Power jumps Full Deck and throws them out the ring.V slams Joker to the pole. Charles and Ace scrap. V v kicks Ace and throws him onto the apron. V punches Ace and chokes him. Charles beats Joker and power slams him in the ring. 1,2....this is when it got out of control and my notes are not great cause everyone was running around trying to watch the action near the restrooms. Charles throws Ace into the audiences and about 2 rows of chairs get knocked down as the crowd scatters. The place is erupting at this point. V-Man grabs a crutch and beats Joker. Charles body slams Ace onto the ring stairs. They choke and beat each other with different objects for about 3 minutes. Back in ring V choke slams Joker. When he turns around he gets the hardest super kick i have seen in a long time .1,2....Charles comes to help but is kicked and double choke slammed by Full Deck for the 1,2,3!!!!!!!!! For the first time in over a year we have new RSWF Tag Team Champions , Full Deck!!!! What a match for d school Memphis Wrestling fans.

Match 5: Your Main Event
RSWF  Southern Heavyweight Championship Match
Best of 3
"The King of Pow" Chris Lexx vs Bishop Kage
They start out shoulder blocking and headlocking back and forth. Lexx goes wild chopping Kage 6 times in the chest . Lexx elbows off the top rope 1,2....They are now outside the ring. Kage chops Lexx chest hard. Back in ring Kage clotheslines. He throws Lexx hard into the corner 3 times. He puts a sleeper on Lexx and it works. Kage wins fall 1. After a 30 second break, Lexx superkicked Kage. Kage forearms and fireman carries Kexx to the corner and throws him onto the turnbuckles. Kage chips Lexx chest about 5 times. Lexx fights back and when Bishop gets woozy , he spears him and gets the 1,2,3 to win fall 2. One fall left for the tie-breaker. This time no DQ.Alan runs in from the back and hits Lexx with "Twisted Steel" . Kage covers . 1,2.....They fight outside. Kage hits Lexx twice with a steel chair. He Rams Lexx into the fire extinguisher and it goes off cause a big cloud to fill the RSWF arena. Back in ring Lexx nails Kage with a DDT. He sets a chair up. However it backfires as Kage side walk slams Lexx onto it. 1,2....Kage neck breaks Lexx hard 1,2....Kage goes for s spear but knocks out referee C-Lo.Pure Power runs out and double choke slams Lexx. Then Full Deck sneaks into the ring double super kicks Kage. They pull Lexx onto Kage and wake up C-Lo. 1,2,3!!!!!!!! The new RSWF Southern Heavyweight Champion is "The King of Pow" Chris Lexx! Wooooooo!!!!!