Friday, May 6, 2016

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling results from 4-30 in East Ridge, TN

Ultimate Extreme Wrestling, East Ridge, TN, April 30 results:  

Savin Roberts defeated Ben Thrasher.  

The Centerfolds (Keith Arden & Luke Patterson) defeated Jason Hampton & Vance.  

Joey Lynch defeated Corey Dye.  

Three way match: UEW Heritage Champion JD Rollins defeated Joey Idol and Zach Malone to retain.  

The Hollywood Playboys defeated The South Boston Hit Squad.  

Jason Collins defeated Tank.  

JP Magnum defeated Drew Game.  

UEW Heavyweight Champion Shane Daniels over Brad Cash by DQ to retain.  

Leroy Lewis won the Jay Farlet Memorial Battle Royal.  

Anthony Henry defeated Chase Jordan.

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