Saturday, May 14, 2016

   B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Sat. May 15

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for May 14th 2016

This week starts with a 10 Bell Salute to Wrestling Legend Billy Wicks. 
Match 1: Kazuma Miyamoto vs "The Iceman" Chris Austin
They twist each other's arms and the Kaz shoulder blocks Austin. Kazuma takes control with an eye rake and a big throat step. 1,2....Kaz puts a reverse chin lock on Austin . Later he head butts . He goes for a splash in the corner but C-Lo is in the way. C-Lo turns around and Kazuma uses this opportunity to hit Austin with the pole of his Japanese flag. He Finishes Austin off with a Japanese thumb spine and gets the 1,2,3!!!!
 Next the "King of Pow" Chris Lexx comes out and takes the mic:"this is supposed to be the best of 7 between me and Bishop Kage for the #RSWF heavyweight title but you sent Charles as a replacement last week." Kage comes out " first off, shut your mouth you Mam's boy. Transgendered bathrooms are the big thing. Maybe you should use one. As you can see I can't fight tonight . (Kage has on a hand cast.) Lexx says " in the comic book , The Juggernaut devastates everything in his path. The path doesn't devastate him." Kage replies " I'm already up 2-0 and next time we getting a new ref,  not that dancing midget C-Lo."  
Match 2: so here we have it. Charles replaces Bishop.
Chris Lexx vs Big Charles Ray:
Charles clotheslines Lexx in the corner and shoulder blocks him. Lexx unloads some vicious knife -edge chops to Charle's chest. Charles goes nuts pulling Hair, body slamming, leg dropping, punching, and finally putting Lexx in a Charle Ray Recliner (camel clutch) . Lexx hears the crowd chant Pow Pow and fights back with punches and chops but Charles ends it by sidewalk slamming the vertebrae of Lexx. 1,2....1,2.... Charles almost decapitates Lexx with a prison yard clothesline. 1,2....1,2.....Charles goes to the top rope butt Lexx slams him down hard. Charles charges three different corners but Lexx dodges every time . Lexx runs and does a cannonball flip right into Charles. Lexx lands a hard double axe handle off the top. Then he lands some sweet chin music.1 
2, Charles throws Lexx off and Lexx lands on his throat on the bottom rope. Charles goes for the cover.1,2,3!!!!!
Match 3: RSWF United States Champion Kevin Bless vs DJ Brown: for the title
 They start off twisting arms. DJ nails Bless with a hard shoulder-block. 1,2...1,2....Bless hits a textbook standing moon-salt . 1,2....DJ snap suplexes. Bless.  DJ climbs over the ropes and flips back over landing on Bless. Both men run toward each other and attempt dropkicks. DJ climbs to the top. Bless climbs up and super-plexes DJ onto the mat. Blesz lands a hard spinning kick to DJ's head. 1,2...DJ DDT's Bless out of nowhere. 1,2.... DJ misses a flip off the top. Bless climbs to the top and lands a Swan- Ton bomb for the 1,2,3!!!!!
Match 4: V-Man vs Joker:
V jumps Joker.Joker goes bonkers with a clothesline, an elbow, a flying slam down, a drop kick to the face, and a corner kick. V man throws Joker across the ring.V punches 5 times . He hits a a hard suplex on Joker.1,2....Joker hits C with a diamond cutter from out of nowhere. The Mercenaries run out and the ref stops the match. Alan Steel is ejected from the arena for attacking a ref.But it gets worse and worse. Lexx. , Ace, and Soultaker w-"Mr. Kendo" co e out and all hell breaks lose. So much action I couldn't write it all down. Here are a few highlights of the brawl that spilled out everywhere in the #RSWF arena. 
-Ace kicks V in head
-Taker lands an RVS spinebuster on  
-Taker hits Lexx accidentally with
-Taker hits Charles balls with Mr. Kendo
-Joker kicks V and Charles in the face
-Lexx fireman carries Charles from the floor and dumps him in the ring
-7 chairs and wood crates are thrown in the ring and used
-Lexx hits V with a yellow wet floor sign
I mean this got nasty. It never really was an official match . This was a fight and everyone was tired in the end. Soultaker sad the match is set for next time. What s night of action at the # RSWF arena!!!! Great night to be a Memphis Wrestling fan. 

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