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Ring Announcer Kenneth Campbell welcomed the sold out crowd to the OWO Supershow and gave us a quick rundown of the upcoming matches.  He also announced that OWO returns on June 11th for their Anniversary Show.

Opening Match-One half of The Abbey Street Boot Boys, Curtis McMullen defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs with a vicious swinging side slam-Referee for the night was the one and only Turtle-After the bell, Curtis assaulted Tony with two more sidewalk slams.  An injured Tony Dabbs had to be assisted to the back by Referee Turtle,  Tim Poole and Big Ronnie from Security.

2nd Match-Dark Fury defeated One half of The Abbey Street Boot Boys, Chuck McMullen with the Lethal injection handspring cutter-Curtis McMullen pulled up a chair and cheered on his brother from the stage

3rd Match-Featured Brother vs Brother Street Fight-Dirty vs Tha Stunt Curlymoe-The roof came off the community center from the jump during this brawl as Curly rushed the ring and tore into Dirty with a Thesz press!  The action quickly spilled out on the floor as Dirty was thrown into the wall and choked with a shirt.  Curly also smashed a couple Pepsi cans over Dirty's head and blasted him with a pizza pan.  Curly was well on his way to finally getting revenge in this war after hitting Dirty with two stunners until Bone Crusher stormed the ring and hit Curly with a superman punch equipped with a chain.  Bone Crusher picked up Dirty, placing him on top of Curly and forced Referee Turtle to make the three count. Your Winner, Dirty!!!  Bone Crusher carried Dirty to the back.  Curly didn't waste anytime addressing Bone Crusher's interference by saying, "I knew Dirty couldn't do it by himself. It's not over!  If Bone Crusher wants to stick his nose in our business, I got a stunner for his ass too!  One Moe Time!"

4th Match-"The Southern Saint" Cory Daniels defeated "Radical" Wil Sharp with a European uppercut as Wil leaped from the turnbuckle.  Wil riled up the audience using his noisy megaphone.
5th Match-Featured Triple Threat OWO Tag-Team Championship-Champions Pure Destruction, Cody & Brody Hawk, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock vs HGH, DC & Justin Rhodes vs PED TV, "Studd" Mike Jones & "Xtreme" Brett Michaels-Poor DC was on the receiving end of some major punishment during this one.  DC had to withstand two treacherous vertical suplexes from PED TV which had all of the blood rushing to his head for what seemed like forever.  Then, DC was flipped inside out with a HUGE double back body drop that had him bleeding and a Hart attack double team combo by Pure Destruction.  Meanwhile, "Hollywood" Jimmy was arguing with the fans at ringside with the tag belts draped over his shoulders.  "Hollywood" even upset one little girl when he sat in her seat, while she ran to the concession stand.  The look on her face was priceless when she returned.  DC avoided an "Xtreme" elbow drop and finally made the tag to his partner, Justin. Chaos ensued with all three teams go at one another.  DC dove outside the ring hitting Brody out on the floor.  The Abbey Street Boot Boys ran out to join the melee.  PED TV managed to snatch the titles away from "Hollywood" and Brett hit Justin Rhodes with one of the belts to get the three count.  Your Winners and NEW OWO Tag-Team Champions, PED TV!!!  Following the match, "Hollywood" Jimmy's disgruntled team, Pure Destruction just stared at him in shame before walking to the back. However, PED TV went out of their way to thank Jimmy for helping them win the championships.  All of the fans in Amory also expressed their appreciation as well by chanting, "Thank you, Jimmy" as an irate "Hollywood" left.
6th Match-Barry Wolf defeated Ronnie Tyler with a fireman's carry cutter
OWO Heavyweight Champion, Dustin "FIVE" Starr and Maria made their way to the ring.  The packed house was so raucous that you could not even hear what they were saying.  Nevertheless, Dustin attempted to drive home the fact that he had beaten "Superstar" Bill Dundee, "Grand Master Sexay" Brian Christopher, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant and Jerry "The King" Lawler.  Dustin added that once he defeats Jeff Jarrett he will be the only man that has wiped out everyone in Memphis Wrestling History. 
Main Event-OWO Heavyweight Championship-Champion Dustin "FIVE" Starr with Maria vs "The King of the Mountain" and Founder of Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett, who was rocking Bullet Club attire-During the early moments, Dustin was showboating, dancing all around the ring.  At one point, Maria even joined in and danced out on the floor in those heels.  It wasn't long until Jarrett silenced the cocky Starr and brought out his signature Double J strut.  Maria had a prominent role throughout the match and constantly seemed to be getting involved by grabbing Jeff's leg and choking him.  After Jarrett struck Starr with an enzuguri, the clever Maria placed Dustin's leg over the rope to break up the pin fall.  Jarrett grabbed Maria and brought her in the ring, but she managed to escape by raking his eyes.  Dustin held Jeff for Maria to slap him, but Jeff dodged out of the way and she slapped her hubby, Dustin instead.  Jarrett rolled up Starr with Referee Turtle in position to make the count, but Maria broke up the count by attacking Turtle.  Dustin ended up tossing the exhausted Turtle out of the ring.  Jarrett locked in the figure-four on Starr.  The official decision was Jeff Jarrett wins by disqualification, so Dustin Starr retains the title and is still your OWO Heavyweight Champion. 
After the match, Jeff Jarrett thanked all the fans from the bottom of his heart and talked about how great it was to be back in the area where he shares so many memories.  Jeff asked the people if they wanted to see an equalizer for that hussie.  Of course the crowd went nuts.  So, Jarrett said he knows someone and issued a challenge for a later date in which he would take on Dustin Starr in a rematch, but if Jarrett wins his wife, Karen Jarrett, would get five minutes with Maria while Dustin is handcuffed to Jeff. 
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OWO returns June 11th for their Anniversary Show
Speaking of memories, I thought I would share one of mine.  Jeff Jarrett was the first wrestler that I ever met way back in the day.  This is the original photo and autograph from that afternoon at Fred's in Booneville shortly before an outdoor USWA event at the park.  Crazy how time flies.


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