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Results From Saturday, May 7th's SOLD OUT Championship Wrestling Event at Isle of Capri Casino in Lula, MS

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and "T-Bone" Terrence Ward welcomed the packed house inside the Flamingo Ballroom at the Isle of Capri Casino to Championship Wrestling.

Before the matches began, I joined Oscar and Terrence inside the ring to present some of the 2015 Wrestling News Center Awards.  We presented Maria Starr with the Manager/Valet of the Year Award for the second straight year.  "Most Entertaining Referee" C-Lo was awarded the Referee of the Year.  C-Lo is a two time winner.  The team of Brad and Briar Mercury, Lethal Injection, received the Tag-Team of the Year Award.  The Star of WGN's Wrestling With Death, Derrick "By God Greater Than Great" King won the Wrestler of the Year Award for an unprecedented fifth time.  We concluded the awards ceremony with the 2015 Event of the Year Award being presented to Oney Cross, the Manager of Marketing at the Isle of Capri for the sold out Championship Wrestling event that was held at the Isle of Capri on September 5th.  Congratulations to all of this year's winners!

Opening Match-2015 Tag Team of the Year Lethal Injection (Brad & Briar Mercury) defeated Neil "Real Deal" Taylor & Chris Rocker managed by Dirty with double sunset flips.  2015 Referee of the Year C-Lo called the action.

"Every Man's Dream and Every Woman's Nightmare" Precious and Nate "The Rat" made their way to the ring.  Nate riled up the crowd by saying they were ugly and smelled musty.  Nate added that soap is cheap....SMH

2nd Match-Precious managed by Nate "The Rat" vs 2015 Wrestler of the Year Derrick King-Referee Will Gibson-Before the match, Nate demanded that Terrence refer to him as Nate "The Great".  Once Precious revealed his nightie wrestling attire, Derrick grabbed the microphone and asked, "Excuse me when I say this, but what in the hell are you wearing?"  Nate got involved during the match using his cane to trip and choke Derrick.  Precious missed a big leg drop from the second rope.  Derrick knocked Nate off the apron.  Precious swung Nate's cane at Derrick, but Derrick dodged and nailed Precious with a superkick to get the three count.  Your Winner, Derrick King!!!  After the match, Precious had a massive temper tantrum in the ring.

3rd Match-Dustin "FIVE" Starr with 2015 Wrestling News Center Manager/Valet of the Year, Maria vs Bill "Superstar" Dundee-Referee C-Lo-After being kicked below the belt by Dundee, an upset Dustin Starr called for a timeout saying that everyone here saw Bill Dundee kick him in his private parts.  After being punched in the mouth, Dustin flipped out and tossed four chairs in the ring.  Later in the match, as Bill Dundee had Dustin Starr in a headlock, Dustin sent him crashing into Referee C-Lo.  While C-Lo was knocked out, Maria made her way into the ring and took off one of her high heels.  When she went to hit Dundee with it, Dundee grabbed her and gave her a spanking.  Once revived, Referee C-Lo saw Maria in the ring and called for the disqualification.  Your Winner, Bill "Superstar" Dundee!!!  An angry Maria grabbed the microphone shouting, "Actually,  Bill Dundee did not win because he's a cheater!  The winner of this match is actually Dustin "FIVE" Starr!"

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow talked about how being on WMC earlier that morning to promote the show along with Jerry "The King" Lawler brought back so many great memories of classic Memphis Wrestling.  Oscar introduced Jerry "The King" Lawler for his special Open Challenge Match.  Before his challenge began, Lawler wanted to first bring out a lifelong friend and legendary Memphis Promoter and Wrestler, Jerry Jarrett, who he said was the best promoter in the country.  "Even better than Vince McMahon at the time."  Jerry Jarrett walked out to the classic USWA Championship Wrestling theme.  Lawler added that Jarrett mastered the art of figuring out who the people liked the most and who people disliked the most and put them together to make money.  Lawler talked about getting fired and banished to Alabama early in his career for snapping at Jerry Jarrett when he tried to critique his wrestling.  Lawler went on to say that was the best thing for me because later on they ended up drawing turn away crowds of 12,000 people.  Jerry Jarrett said he's promoted Sting, The Ultimate Warrior, "The Macho Man" Randy Savage and many others, but Jerry Lawler is the best.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock came to the ring, accompanied by his new bodyguard, Mitch Toretta, who was dressed in a custom made suit.  Once Jimmy made it to the ring, Jerry Lawler gave him some advice, "Next time you want to come out, lay down and roll, Jelly Belly!"  "Hollywood" Jimmy told Lawler that his and Jarrett's lovefest is putting everybody to sleep.  "Hollywood" Jimmy remembered when Jerry Lawler broke Jimmy Hart's jaw.  "Hollywood" Jimmy continued by talking about the time when Jerry Lawler knocked a man's teeth out with a baseball bat.  Jimmy said he's here tonight and he hates your guts as much as I do.  "Hollywood" Jimmy introduced Lawler's opponent, Reggie B. Fine, who took out his false teeth as proof.  "Hollywood" Jimmy asked Reggie, "Did Lawler pay for your teeth?"  Reggie's response was, "No, he didn't!  That low budget!"  Jerry Lawler said that Reggie wanted all those gold and silver teeth, a whole grill.  "Hollywood" Jimmy told Lawler that tonight Reggie is gonna knock his teeth out and they're going to sell them on eBay.  Before the match began, Reggie took out his dentures and put them in "Hollywood" Jimmy's hands to hold.  Without his teeth, Reggie yelled, "I look like half you people in here!"  Reggie also acknowledged Jerry Jarrett, by adding, "I forgot to give my respects to that old man.  He died seventy-two years ago.  When he steps out of the ring, he's going to turn to dust!" 

4th Match-Special Challenge Match-Jerry "The King" Lawler with Memphis Wrestling Legend Jerry Jarrett in his corner vs Reggie B. Fine, managed by "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock-Referee Turtle-Reggie had a chain and "Hollywood" Jimmy denied that he did.  Somehow, Lawler grabbed a toy chicken to use.  Reggie got into a heated exchange with a little girl in the front row.  Reggie alleged that the girl was Lawler's stepdaughter.  Lawler stepped on "Hollywood" Jimmy's fingers while he wasn't looking.  Hilarious!  "Hollywood" Jimmy would later hit Lawler in the back with his cane and Reggie would take over by choking him with his chain.  In the end, Jerry Lawler caught Reggie with a stunner for the win.  Your Winner, Jerry "The King" Lawler!!!  After the match, Reggie was pouting as the crowd chanted, "Crybaby!"  Fun match with non-stop laughs.

5th Match-Special Mixed Tag Match-From The Bad Boys Club, "Bad Boy" Shane Andrews & "Bad Girl" Jessie Belle Smothers vs Danny Dollar & Current Ring of Honor Star Taeler Hendrix-Referee Will Gibson-During the match, as Jessie tried to slap Danny, Shane hit him from behind with the backstabber.  Taeler Hendrix got the pin fall with a victory roll on Shane Andrews as Danny Dollar held Jessie's leg to stop her from making the save.  Your Winners, Danny Dollar & Taeler Hendrix!!!

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow announced that on Friday, legendary Memphis Wrestler, Billy Wicks passed away.  Wicks was best known for his intense feud with Sputnik Monroe in Memphis that set attendance records.  There was a special ten bell salute to honor Billy Wicks.  We would like to send our sincere condolences to Billy Wicks' family, friends and fans.

Main Event-Special Moondog Tribute Match-Pure Destruction, Cody & Brody Hawk vs The Pink and Black Attack, Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova -Referee Turtle-Pure Destruction got the early advantage by landing some vicious shots with their big steel chains they had brought to the ring.  Kidd would insert a big, rusty bucket into the fray.  Brody hit and choked Kidd with a baseball bat.  The Pink and Black Attack would fire back by using a gutter to hit Pure Destruction.  Later, Kidd swung the baseball bat like a golf club making contact with Brody's family jewels.  Brody started using a broom and plunger.  Kidd came in with a steel chair.  A door was placed on two chairs with Brody falling through one side and then Kidd frog splashed him to break the rest.  Cody broke the count.  Cody and Brody sent Bone Crusher crashing through a table that was set up in the corner.  It exploded!  Pure Destruction followed with a double spinebuster.  All of the sudden, the classic Moondogs theme music hit and the last living Moondog stormed the ring, Moondog Rover!  Moondog hit everybody with a trash can and his signature bone, including Referee Turtle.  This was wild and crazy!  Referee Will Gibson ran down as Kidd pinned Brody for the three count.  Your Winners,  Bone Crusher & Kidd Nova, The Pink and Black Attack!!!  However, the last surviving Moondog, Rover was the only person left standing in the ring after all the brutality. 

As the show came to a close, "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Terrence Ward thanked everyone for coming and wished all the Moms a Happy Mother's Day.  The sold out crowd at the Isle of Capri in Lula were the true winners on Saturday night because they got to witness all the great action, live and in person.  It's always fun getting to catch up with friends for some wrestling, gambling and delicious food!  Can't wait for the next one!  Good Call!!!

Be on the lookout for more of Tia's awesome pictures from this Isle of Capri event.  To view the Moondog Tribute Match photos that she's posted visit

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