Friday, May 6, 2016

Global Championship Wrestling results from 4/30 in Pell City, AL

Global Championship Wrestling, Pell City, AL, April 30 results:  

Antonio Garza defeated Johnny Swinger.  

Jack Gunn defeated Joey Lightning.  

Dylan Cook defeated Mike Posey.  

Muddbone defeated Damien Silva.  

Amber Gallows defeated Veronica Fairchild.  

Michael Steel defeated Chris Henry.  

Clyde Braddock defeated Francisco Ciatso.  

Mad Justice ("Maddog" Dan Sawyer/Leon "The Bull" Stresser) defeated The Brotherhood (Maniac O'Malley/Mr. O'Hagan) to become GCW Tag Team champions.  

Eric Wayne defeated Spi-Ral to become the new GCW Heavyweight champion.

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