Sunday, May 15, 2016

Former Wrestler robbed, killed during Friday night incident in Tupelo.

Charlie Boo ( standing ) with his partner Greg Hawkes

Charles Williams known as Charlie Boo who wrestled in the 80s with his partner Greg Hawkes was robbed and killed during a Friday night incident in Tupelo.  Here's the story from the Daily Journal

– Law enforcement officials are investigating a homicide case after the killing of a Tupelo cab driver Friday night.
Just south of the Tupelo city limit signs, two individuals traveling on a motorcycle came upon the body of 55-year-old Charles Williams on Friday at 10 p.m. on Graham Drive.
Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson and his department responded to the 911 call from the motorcyclists.
“His body was lying in a lane of traffic. When we got to the scene, we met with the individuals and examined the body,” he said. “It was determined that this individual appeared to have suffered a gun shot wound to their head.”
It appeared the body was left there, Johnson said.
The Lee County Sheriff’s Department discovered Williams was a cab driver from Tupelo, but there was no cab near where his body was found.
Thirty minutes later, investigators found an abandoned cab at Theron Nichols Park on Mitchell Road.
“We secured the vehicle, and it’s now in our possession,” Johnson said. “It has been positively identified that it was the cab of the individual that was shot on Graham Drive.”
Investigators were able to find a telephone number of an individual who last called for a ride in the cab. They contacted the individual and interviewed them Saturday morning.
The interview led to more information about the case.
“That led us to looking for another individual,” Johnson said. “We can’t release the name right now. We are still working with the district attorney’s office on exactly how the wording of our affidavit will be.”
Investigators are looking at a window of time between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. for when the incident took place.
“Apparently, the cab made the pick up sometime around 9:30 (p.m.) and ended up on Graham Drive where this cab driver was shot,” Johnson said.
Williams was robbed, his body dumped and his cab taken.
“We are looking right now and treating it as a homicide,” Johnson said. “The charge we are looking at it is capital murder.”
The department is actively working on the case and will release names and pictures in the near future.


Here's a link to help raise money for his funeral expenses.  Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

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