Sunday, May 1, 2016

B's RSWFReport  for April 30 2016

First off I wanna think Soultaker Williams for giving me an autographed King Mabel (Big Daddy V) figure in the ring at intermission  for my birthday. Thx Greg James for the Lexx megaphone .

The first match Chris Austin defeated thunder after hitting him with three stone cold stunners, the joker beat by dq wen bishop interfered but joker got away before they could do him bodily harm lol thEn Dj Brown and kazuma fought to a 15 minutes time limit draw the rswf owner soultaker demanded they fight five more minutes because he didn't want them to go to another time limit draw like the week before and the match was for the #1 contender for Kevin bless rswf United states title dj brown won the match with a quick roll up after back and fourth close falls from both of them thEn bishop beat Chris lexx after the first ref got knocked down chris had bishop beat then referee c-Lo came to count the 1,2 then at a 3/4 second bishop kicked out everyone couldn't believe it especially Chris lexx so lex started getting ready to set up a super kick for bishop bit some how bishop pushes c.lo around thEn Chris lexx super kicks c.lo so both referees are down then bishop grabs the chain rolls up Chris less but he has the chain wrapped around Chris legs making it impossible for him to kick out by this time the first ref comes to and makes the three count so bishop page is now up two falls to Chris lexx zero in the best of seven series for the rswf unified heavy weight title. ( Thx C-Lo for writing this . I got only a few notes. I was just enjoying being there on my birthday.) #RSWF for life

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