Thursday, May 19, 2016

AML/GFW combined show results from 5-15 in Hickory, NC


HICKORY (NC) -- What happens when two non-competing companies go into business with each other on a spring Sunday afternoon? If we are talking America's Most Liked (AML) Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling (GFW), a sold-out convention center exhibit hall would apply. Sold out in that every chair which could be located was brought in (albeit a hot tub expo next door used some).

The building was Hickory's Metro Convention Center, a dinosaur with extra parking now that citizens have paid for a deck. No one has run well in this facility except when two marketing minds like Tracy Myers' and Jeff Jarrett's come together. WrestleCade Entertainment brought a boatload of stars to Hickory (on 5/15), which suddenly has gained media attention for loss of middle-class income. Still, promoters come here with little to a lot of success in running Catawba County. What makes AML such a success (in excess of 300 paid the last 4-5 shows consecutively) is its social media, signage, word of mouth, collectively.

Check out the rest of  this report by Jeff Richards on the America's Most Liked (AML) Wrestling and Global Force Wrestling (GFW) combined show May 15 in Hickory, NC:

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