Saturday, April 23, 2016

B's  RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Saturday April 23, 2016.
The night started with a ten bell salute to Chyna. Rest in peace to The 9th Wonder of the World. 
Johnny Thunder once again opens the show with a challenge. This time to one half of Pure Power, V-Man. V comes out and Johnny jumps him soon as he gets in the ring. He throws V to the corner and head-butts him 3 times. V the. Goes insane , kicking, punching, beating, and finally landing a huge drop-kick. V misses a splash in the corner. Thunder does a half spinebuster  slam to V . Out of the back runs Charles Ray to cheat once again. The ref disqualifies V-Man , giving Johnny Thunder the victory. After the match, Charles slams the 400lb plus Thunder. V joins in an does a body slam of his own.
  Jimmy Starr calls out The King of Pow, Chris Lexx. Lexx takes the mic "I admit I didn't start out good in this best of 7 with Bishop Kage. Ian in an 0-1 hole. However, somebody long Pinocchio nose came out and got in my business. Next time he's in the ring , I'm gonna stomp on his nose tip." Jimmy Starr says " Kage is not here tonight. He is having problems." Lexx " I'm laying out victims. I'm bringing the fight, Kage might not be here tonight, but everyone putt his message on social media : You are looking at the new #RSWF Unified Heavyweight Champ."
  The next match featured the return of the most entertaining referee in the game, C-Lo. This was a non-title match featuring #RSWF United States Champ Kevin Bless vs The Full Time Beast "All That" Alan Steel. What a matchup . Steel throws Bless across the ring. He applies a reverse bear-hug followed by a front face-lock. Bless reverses it. Steel re-reverses it. Bless elbows Steel twice and applies a head-lock. Steel throws Bless into the ropes and levels him with a hard shoulder block . Bless hip-tosses Steel and flips him across the ring with a spinning head scissors . Bless gives Steel an arm-drag. B holds Steels arm tight. Bless snaps Steel over.Steel gives s hard body -slam to Bless. Bless hip tosses Steel and Steel escapes to the floor. Back in the ring , Steel knees  Bless hard. Bless fights it off and puts on another arm bar. Steel knees Bless in the gut 3 times. Steel takes Bless' eyes , throws him to the corner, clotheslines him, and goes for the cover. 1,2.....Blesz punches Steel in the face. Bless hits Steel with a Super-DDT. He clotheslines Steel. Steel punches 5. times and knees twice. Bless does an old school monkey-flip to Steel. Steel gets up and picks Bless up. He does a spinning slam to Bless and gets the 1,2,3!!!!
  Marco comes to the ring and interviews Steel. Mack says "I hear SoulTaker is unhappy with the actions of The Mercenaries and is going to do something about it tonight  ." Steel replies "Everything Alan Steel does is to please himself, not some promoter. He called me and asked if I would bring my talents to #RSWF. For everyone that has followed me for the last 20 years, if you are surprised by my attitude, you are stupider than you look. Small, stupid people bother me. First it was Moe Stegal, Now it's Kevin Bless.There are only a hand full of warriors in the game today, V-Man, Charles Ray,Bishop Kage and myself. " C-Man takes the mic"Lexx is a trash talker. Kage is in Texas representing the Mercenaries at an event. We world wide. " Steel adds "I hate your stinking guts Lexx. On your best day you are a challenger. On my worst day I'm a champ." 
Match 3: Charles Ray vs Ace (Full Deck) . This match started fast and furious with a punch out. Ace clotheslines Charles .1,2....Ace puts a big boot to Charles'face. V jumps in. The ref calls for the bell. Ace wins y DQ. Alan runs in. Lexx comes flying in. Joker runs out. Lexx takes the mic "Since I've been back I haven't been playing with a Full Deck. That's all about to change.
Match 4: DJ Brown vs Kazuma Miyamoto. DJ tries a reverse bear hug on Kaz's fat stomach. DJ twists his arm. He beats Kaz's arm twice. Kaz puts DJ in a head-lock. He does a falling toe-hold take down. DJ fights back . He hits Kaz with a leg drop. DJ flips from outside the ring and hits Kazuma. He lands 2 elbow drops. 1,2....DJ slams Kaz's head to the turnbuckle and punches him 3 times.Kaz hits DJ with a Japanese Spiral Slam. 1,2 Kaz applies an arm bar. DJ punches out. He tries a sun-set flip. Kaz drops down with a big booty-splash.1,2.....They fight on the floor. DJ goes to the top and misses a missle -drop kick. Kaz lands a splash . 1,2....K applies a head lock. They punch back and forth . Kazuma nails DJ with a Japanese thumb-spike to the throat but before he can cover him time expires. No winner.
 Main Event: 6 Man Tag
Chris Lexx and Full Deck vs The Mercenaries .Before the bell can ring it starts off as an all out street fight . Everybody is punching and kicking the hell out of each other. In the end Steel and Pure Power are lying outside the ring and Lex. And Full Deck are standing tall.Lexx chops V in the chest hard twice. Finally the bell officially starts the match. Ace elbow drops Steel. Joker drops Alan's arm across the ropes. Full deck double-team face drop Alan hard to the mat. V lands a huge drop-kick on Lex . Charles Ray beats Lexx in the corner.Charles hits Lexx with two prison yard shoulder blocks and a clothesline. Alan tags in 1,2...V comes in and puts Lexx in a front face lock. V grabs Lexx's hair and drags him around the ring.He leg drops Lexx on the throat and head. Charles tags Steel. He punches Lexx about 7 times right in the kisser.Alan comes over and covers Lexx. 1,2....Steel kicks Lexx in face. He tags V. V puts Lex. In a figure-4 for about 3 minutes. Steel comes in and twists Lexx's leg. Steel applies a front face lock. Alan pulls Lexx's hair. He stomps on Lexx's leg.Everybody is in the ring now. V throws the ref out of the ring. The fed calls for the DQ. Full Deck and Chris Lexx win. Joker kicks Steel in the head and face. 
 What a fun night to be a Wrestling Fan!!!