Monday, April 11, 2016

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown: OVERLOAD 

This special 2 Ring Battle Royal for The RSWF Heavyweight/ Southern Heavyweight Unified Belt started out with a 10 Bell Salute to Black Jack Mulligan. RIP to another hardcore legend. 
Match 1: Shawn X (The Stick-figure ) vs Duke Warfield 
Duke stumbles a little getting into the ring. Duke starts by putting X in a headlock and a take down. X punches and rope chokes Duke. Duke shoulder tackles X and headlocks him. X Stinger Splashes Duke in the corner, clotheslines , and chokes Duke. X rakes Dukes eyes and chokes him twice. Duke then goes crazy with a hard forearm, a corner clothesline, and a snap suplex for the 1,2, 3!!!!!
Next United States Champion Kevin Bless comes out and takes the mic "I've been doin good changing myself. I'm trying to keep in mind my fans. Y'all know how I won the belt but sometimes as wrestlers we have this pride. DJ come out. DJ comes out and the RSWF crowd goes nuts. He says " congrats. I'm back. I want a title shot. SoulTaker comes over the PA " DJ Brown? Why are you here? Your lost your contract in a match. SoulTaker asks the crowd "should I give him a second chance?" The crowd unanimously cheers YESSS!!! SoulTaker replies " here at RSWF we are about the fans.So tonight DJ you will wrestle Bless but it's a non-title match. DJ if you win you get a title shot in the next few weeks. So here we have it,
Match 2: RSWF United States Champion Kevin Bless vs DJ. Brown. They lock up . Bless backs DJ into the corner. They break. Bless twists DJ's arm. DJ twists Bless's arm. DJ beats Bless in the corner. Bless responds with a vicious drop kick. DJ ain't having it and gives Bless a hard back suplex. 1,2....DJ punches Bless in the head 5 times, gives him a leg drop, an elbow drop, and another leg drop. 1,2...Bless beats on DJ. He punches DJ 's head about 10 times . Bless Rams DJ's head into the turnbuckle . Bless covers 1,2...Bless body slams DJ hard and lands a killer standing moonsault . 1,2... Kick out 1,2....Bless applies a headlock. DJ elbows out . Off the ropes he leaps and sunset flips Bless.1,2... Bless kicks DJ in the head hard. 1,2....DJ next takes Bless to Suplex City Three Amigos style.1,2.....DJ slams Bless down. He jumps off the top rope but misses . Bless hits DJ with a running knee to the face.1,2....The Mercenaries run out and C-Lo calls for the DQ. The choke slam , beat, and spear Bless and DJ into oblivion. 
Match 3: Johnny Thunder and Kazuma Miyamoto vs RSWF Tag Team Champions Pure Power. Kazuma and Charles Ray start it out. Test of strength . They break. Kazuma punches Charles in the face. He  gives Charles a shoulder block, a face slap , and finally a huge belly to belly suplex. Kaz slams Charles and chokes him twice.he tags in Thunder. Thunder gives Charles a flying forearm , punches him, and stomps on him. Charles fights back and throws Thunder into the corner. V Man comes In and punches Johnny 10 times. The last punch is the punch of death. V slams Thunder. Charles comes in. He lands a big leg on Johnny's throat. 1,2....Charkes shoulder blocks Johnny twice and clotheslines Thunder. 1,2....Kaz saves. Charles beats Johnny half to death in the corner. V tags in . He kicks Thunder in the balls. V falls on Thunders leg and twists it. Pure Power double team shoulder tackles Thunder.1,2....Thunder tags Kaz.He goes chop crazy on Pure Power. V-Man gets up and super kicks Kazuma in the face. V and Charles pick up Kaz and perform a double team choke slam that almost sends Kazuma through the mat . 1,2,3!!!!!! 
 Next a video plays that shows commentator Jason Hall and RSWF Heavyweight Champ T-Streetz . Jason says "I've come to collect your belt." T-Streetz says "Here it is April 9th, RSWF OVERLOAD. I'm a good sport. I'm not bitter. I'm humble. Due to injuries , I cannot participate in the battle royal tonight. I will relinquish the title to you Jason Hall. May the best man win. The Doc says I'll be out 6-8 weeks. That's a long time for me to think about what I'm gonna do to you when I get back. I'll hide in the grass or behind a tree and pick off the Mercenaries one by one."
Match 4: "The Human Juggernaut" Bishop Kage  vs "The M.O.E." Moe Stegal.  Kage starts off by giving Moe a super hard spinebuster . He throws Moe out the ring. Kage follows Moe and slaps his chest . He hoists Moe up over his head in a press and throws him through the ropes into the ring. 1,2.....
Moe kicks Kage. Kage slaps Moe's chest again. He tries to punch Moe but Moe dodges it . He still gets hit . Moe kicks Kage in the head . He runs and does a baseball slide dropkick. 1,2....Moe jumps up and throws Kage across the ring with a spinning leg scissors. 1,2....Steel saves from outside the ring.. Kage gets up and gets a code breaker put on him from out of nowhere. 1,2..Alan Steel cheat saves again. Moe goes to the top and jumps. Kage catches him with a spear in mid air. 1,2,3!!!!
 Match 5: "All That" Alan Steel vs "The King of Pow" Chris Lexx. Alan comes out and takes the mic "Shut up!!! Chris Lexx. It seems everywhere I go, you show up. You follow me from state to state, promotion to promotion but one thing never changes. You are always number 2." Steel punches Lexx. Lexx slaps back. They tie up and roll along the ropes. Lexx knife edge chops Steel twice. Alan climbs out the ring. Back inside, Steel kicks Lexx and headlocks him. Lexx puts Alan in a headlock but Alan pulls his hair . Lexx chops Steel 3 times and back drops him.Alan slides In between the two rings and disappears .After about a minute he sneaks out and beats Lexx across the back. Lexx kicks Steel. Steel Irish Whips Lexx into the turnbuckle  and punches him 4 times. Lexx punches back. Alan pulls Lexx hair and he falls to the mat twice. Lexx looks to apply the Lexx-a-cushion but Stell blocks it and clotheslines . Steel punches Lexx in the ribs twice. He gives Lexx a knee lift. He throws Lexx out. Steel follows him out onto the floor. Lexx punches. Alan punches. Lexx throws Alan into the pole. Steel Rams Lexx's arm into the pole. They go back into the ring. Alan chops Lexx 1,2....Alan back suplexes Lexx extremely hard. 1,2....Alan punches Lexx's face hard. Alan knockout punches Lexx . Steel looks over at my side of the ring and dances a little Cha Cha. Lexx catches Steel off guard and sling shots him into the turnbuckles. Lexx goes HAM next. He punches Steel, clotheslines him twice, flings him in the corner, and elbows him off the top. 1,2,....Lexx chops Alan hard . He goes for a cover but The X Mercenaries are already on the attack again . The ref calls for the DQ. The beat Lexx mercilessly until SoulTaker comes out. " if y'all wanna fight so bad lets go ahead and bring all the wrestlers out here from the back. 
Main Event: 2-Ring Battle Royal for The Unified RSWF Heavyweight/Southern Heavyweight Belt.I Have to be honest . There was so much going on in this match and it was so exciting to watch that I couldn't keep up with my notes . Here are a few things I was able to jot down .
-Bless Knees V Man's face
-Kazuma stomps on Kage in corner
-Moe foot chokes Kage in corner
-Thunder foot chokes Kage
-DJ punches Kage
-Kage slaps Thunder
-Kage slaps Lexx
-Lexx chops Kage
-Duke elbows Kage
-V hits Moe's nuts
-Kazuma is pinned and goes to ring 2
-Shawn X sent to other ring
-V pins Moe
-Bless kicks V's head
-V slams Bless hard
-Thunder pins Kage ad Jage goes to ring 2
-V Man is pinned 
-Austun puts a stunner on Thunder for a pin
-Austin stunner's Steel for a pin
-V choke slams Austin
-Everyone in ring 2 now
-Kage spears DJ Brown. The Moe Flying scissors Steel and throws him out the ring to eliminate him
-Pure Power throws Moe over the top rope. Lexx, Kage, V, DJ , and Charles are left.Charles beats Lexx 10 times. DJ kicks V in the nuts.Lexx super kicks V hard. DJ frog slams Charles hard. Lexx puts the Lexx-i cushioner on Kage. Kage gets up and elevator slams DJ. V kicks Lexx in the face. V and Charles eliminate themselves .Kage spears Lexx hard. Kage runs j to a boot. Lexx chops Kage chest hard. Kage rakes Kexx eyes. Kage tries a spear but runs into a pole. Lexx and Kage start tussling near the ropes and both men go over the top. One ref says Lexx's feet hit first. Another says Kage. Finally the decision is made. No contest. The belt is still up in the air. Everybody is stunned. It looked like Lexx won from my angle. Oh well. Maybe his time will come soon.

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