Monday, April 4, 2016

B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling Rundown for Sat. April 2nd 2016:

Match 1:  Big Johnny Thunder vs Kazuma Miyamoto
 This was a "Battle of the Bulge" (I whispered this to Memphis Wrestling Super -Fan Kevin Conlee.) Thunder starts off beating and punching the heck out of Kazuma (or Toe Jam Miyamoto as the RSWF fans like to call him.)Johnny lands a mondo head-butt that knocks Kaz down.1,2.....Kaz gets up and chops the living hell out of Thunder's chest. Thunder comes back with a clothesline. 1,2....Thunder chokes Kazuma with the ropes . He steps on Kaz's throat then beats his back hard. Kaz comes back with 3 Toe Jam Chops and a headbutt. He chops Thunder thrice more. Thunder punches and gives Kaz a boot to the face. Thunder goes to the second rope and misses a Vader splash. Kazuma punches Thunder 4 times and clotheslines him. 1,2.....Kazuma kicks Thunder. 1,2....Thunder power slams Kaz out of the blue. He drags Kaz to the corner and misses another splash off the 2nd rope. Kazuma punches and clotheslines Thunder. Thunder wobbles up to his feet only to feel a thumb spiked into his throat by Kazuma for the 1,2,3!!!!
 Next The M.O.E. Comes out and takes the Mic "yeah I got my but kicked last night. The Mercenaries are big, tough, and aggressive. I pee glitter, fart cupcakes, and crap rainbows but I'll go post to post and bell to bell with anyone. I checked out of the hospital to fight tonight. Alan Steel, get out here!"
Match 2: Moe Stegal vs "All That" Alan Steel. Moe attacks and beats Alan about 20 times . Moe chokes Steel with his foot, forearms him, and punches him 5 times in the face. Steel comes back with an arm breaker to Moe's injured arm. He slams his arm into the canvas. He twists Moe's arm and slams it in the corner. Alan beats Moe's back and puts an arm lock on. Alan butt drops onto Moe's  arm. Alan does a shoulder breaker DDT. Moe stumbles up and manages to kick Alan in the stomach. He headbutts and punches Alan. Moe rolls him up. 1,2....Moe kicks Steel. Steel throws Moe out the ring. Alan climbs out and slams Moe's arm into the post twice. Back in the ring , Moe super kicks Steel 3 times! 1,2.....Alan climbs to his knees and Moe kicks him in the face. Steel lands a hard forearm and slaps Moe's chest. Moe pulls a cutter on Alan out of nowhere. Moe nails Alan with a flying forearm . Alan runs into a big boot from Moe. Moe hits Alan with a code -breaker. 1,2.....Moe climbs to the top and misses a flying head-butt. Alan stops Moe hard with a twisting half-Nelson slam for the 1,2,3!!!!
Steel kicks Moe about 10 times before Rob Love runs out for the save. Then Bishop comes out to help Steel. Finally Jovan runs out and clears the ring.
Match 3: RSWF Heavyweight champ T.Streetz vs Charles Ray (Pure Power/The Mercenaries).
Charles flies out from the back and jumps Steetz beating him about 15 times. He gives Streetz a vicious knee-lift. Charles clotheslines Streetz twice. T. Drops Charles hard with a back suplex.  A punch out ensues .Streetz tries a homicide but V-Man interferes . The ref DQ's Charles. Charles and V double shoulder tackle Streetz. Lexx flies out for the save. He takes the Mic " I've been back at RSWF 3 weeks and I already am having to put up with you two. Last week Streetz came to my aid. Last week the outcome was the same. The same old shhh....tonight The King of Pow will team with T.Streetz. Pure Power is gonna be one big pile of Woooooo!"
Match 4: RSWF United States Champion Kevin Bless vs Duke Warfield . They tie and break twice. Warfield strikes a pose. They tie up again and Duke backs Bless into the corner. He tries to sling Bless out of the corner but Bless blocks and rolls up Duke.1,2....
Warfield clotheslines, elbows, and body slams Bless. 1,2.....he puts Bless in a head lock. Bless elbows out.he dropkicks Duke and nails him with a roundhouse kick. Bless climbs to the top. Duke grabs Bless and throws him off the top hard. Bless tries a suplex but Duke blocks and gives Bless a delayed suplex instead. They both get up slowly. Bless punches Duke and he falls. Bless climbs to the top and lands a text book Senton bomb.1,2,3!!!!
Match 4:Steel Kage vs The Bold and the Beautiful. B and B does paper, scissors , rock and Jovan gets to go first. Jovan kicks Kage's stomach and face. He tags Love and Love flies off the top rope with a shoulder tackle. He does a low dropkick to Kage then beats on his back. He tags in Jovan. He hits Kage with a dropkick. Kage picks up Jovan and hurls him across the ring. He drops Jovan hard with a full Nelson slam. Jovan tags Love.Kage tags in Steel. They double suplex Steel. 1,2....Steel gets up and beats Jovan's back. He tags Kage. Kage slams Jovan's head to the corner. He tags Steel. Steel foot chokes Jovan. Alan lands a double axe handle blow. He knees Jovan's face. He tags Kage. Kage kicks Jovan's nuts. He chest slaps Jovan and gives him a back suplex. 1,2...He tags Steel. Steel runs into Jovan's foot. Jovan punches. Steel drops Jovan with a full Nelson slam. 1,2....Steel tags Kage. Steel Jovan while Kage lands a falling head butt. Kage puts a super delayed suplex on Jovan. He tags Steel. They level Jocan with s double team shoulder tackle. Steel back breaks Jovan. 1,2....He lands a spine buster on Jovan.1,2....He tags in Kage. Somehow Jovan makes a tag. Love comes in and Kicks Kage. He throws Alan out and kicks Lage again.he hits Kage with a chin breaker. 1,2...Alan saves. Jovan kicks Steel in the face. Kage tries a spear but misses and hits the pole. While the ref is turned V-Man climbs on the apron and drops Live with a chain. Love falls and Kage goes for the cover. 1,2,3!!! Steel Kage prevails.
Match 5: Main Event- RSWF Tag Team Champions Pure Power vs Chris Lexx and T. Streetz. Everyone comes out punching like a brawl. Charles beats Lexx but Lexx throws him out. V-Man whoops on Streetz. Lexx chops the fire out of Charles chest. Lexx headbutts V. V punches Lexx. Charles beats on Streetz outside the ring. Streetz drops V with a swinging neck breaker. V punches Streetz. Charles throws Streetz into the corner. He lands a vicious leg drop. 1,2....Charles puts Streetz in a headlock.V tags in. V kicks Streetz head. He leg drops Streetz. Lexx saves. Charles punches Streetz 8 times . He sidewalk slams Streetz hard. V comes in and they double shoulder tackle.V puts s nerve hold on Streetz . After a minute he lets go and clotheslines Streetz. He puts an arm bar on Streetz and tags Charles. He shoulder blocks Streetz twice but Strretz blocks a clothesline. Streetz drops Charles with a back suplex. Charles comes back with an old school camel-clutch . He tags in V throws Streetz out. Charles beats him on the floor.He throws Streetz back in. V puts him in an arm bar. He punches Streetz 4 times . Streetz kicks and punches V. He nails B with a running bull dog. Charles comes in only to get dropped with a Spine Buster. Lexx tags in. He punches both men and throws V into the turn buckle. He clotheslines Charles hard. He elbow both men about 3 times each. Lexx drops V but before he can cover out runs Steel And Kage to interfere. Another DQ win for Lexx and Streetz. The Mercenaries beat Lexx and Streetz relentlessly for about 5 minutes before Moe Stegal runs out. He gets beat down fast and choke slammed . The Renegades run out to save but get beat down like some bad step kids. Steel stomps a mud hole in Kazuma about 25 times straight. SoulTaker finally has to come out with Mr.Kendo to settle everything down.
Come to RSWF next week for a Double Ring Battle Royal Spectacular for The RSWF Unified Heavyweight . 8:00PM bell time . Be there.

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