Monday, March 7, 2016

                                         B's RSWF Weekly Wrestling rundown for Saturday March 5th, 2016. They started the night by mentioning the next big event Sat April 9th. Overload 2. 2 rings, 20 man over -the - top battle royal  to determine the unified RSWF Heavyweight Title with the RSWF Southern Heavyweight title.
 Match 1: Kazuma Miyamoto vs Leo 
Kaz backs Leo to the corner and slaps him. The lock up again and Kaz backs Leo up and slaps him again. Leo does a twisting leg take down to Kaz. Kaz punches Leo in the stomach, does a leg breaker, knee to the face, corner splash, kicks, punches, and chokes Leo in the ropes. 1,2.....Kaz locks on a vicious body-claw to Leo's rib cage. He head butts Leo and elbow drops him. From out of nowhere Leo power slams the big Kazuma.  1,2,3!!! Wait C-Lo says only 2 so the match continues. Soon as Leo Friendly turns around, Kaz finishes him off with a thumb to the throat. 1,2,3!!!!!
  Next Big Johnny Thunder comes out and gets on the mic " I am not in a good mood. I am calling you out Chris Austin for cheating me. " Austin comes out " maybe that tight spandex is cutting off the blood flow to your brain."  Thunder jumps Austin. The bell rings. Thunder head butts Austin. He chokes him on the ropes and punches him in the face. Thunder splashes Austin in the corner. He clubs Austin in the middle of his back twice. He head butts Austin again and then clotheslines him. Johnny climbs to the second rope to attempt his Thunder Bomb finisher but lands on Austin's knees. From out of no where Austin hits Thunder with a stunner for the 1,2,3!!!!!
  Jason Hall interviews RSWF Heavyweight Champ T. Streetz about the upcoming 20 man battle royal for the belt that will merge The current RSWF Heavyweight Title with The RSWF Southern Heavyweight Belt. Streetz " why is another title being mixed in for the belt on April 9th? As far as I'm concerned this belt I have is the only one that means anything. In fact I challenge anyone tonight to see if they deserve a shot at it. " Kazuma Miyamoto comes out." T. Street , you been lucky long time. You lucky escape cage. Pin no one.I deserve Heavyweight belt." Streetz replies " I want you to jump real high and try and take this belt from me. " he taunts Kazuma with the belt. So the match is set for later tonight.
  Next Thunder comes out again. " I was screwed by Austin again. I know who's fault that is. I call out SoulTaker. " SoulTaker says. "Thunder, I don't know what's wrong with you. Just calm down and come to the back. " SoulTaker turns around and Johnny Thunder jumps him. Taker starts whoopin Thunder hard with "Mr. Kendo." Johnny lays in the ring . Taker says " next week, find you a partner and me and Chris Austin will whoop both of yalls ass!"
  Next RSWF United States Champion DJ Brown comes out. He starts to speak but Marco city's in " Shut up. You are a loser like yo punk ass daddy. Marco and DJ stare down each other in the ring. Before DJ can land a punch, SoulTaker says "DJ, Marco is an RSWF official.If you lay a hand on him you are fired. I tell you what. You and Marco Rose go right now for 5 minutes. If Marco loses , he must leave RSWF. DJ punches Marco and stomps on him about 20 times in the corner. Marco comes back with a clothesline. 1,2...Marco slaps DJ in a disrespectful manner. DJ  DDT's Marco. He climbs to the top and finishes  Marco off with a flipping neck breaker for the 1,2,3!!! We all start singing "na, na,na, na hey, hey, hey goodbye..."
  Moe Segal comes out next and grabs the Mic " Memphis Morons, shut up! DJ Brown, last time I saw you , you were laying on the ground courtesy of me. " The bell sounds. DJ gives Moe an arm drag and a hip toss. He slams Moe hard to the mat. Moe crawls out of the ring like a scared baby. DJ goes to the floor and slams Moe's head hard onto the ring stairs. He throws Moe back into the ring. DJ clotheslines Moe and drop kicks him. Moe kicks DJ. This makes DJ mad as heck and he punches Moe 9 times. 1, sucker punches DJ . He climbs to the top and flies off with an elbow but misses. DJ punches Moe about 10 times. Moe punches DJ in the nuts and DJ doubles over and lays there. The ref calls for a DQ because of a low blow. DJ gets the win.
  This next match featured RSWF Heavyweight Champ T. Streetz  vs Kazuma Miyamoto. Streetz starts the match by punching and chopping the living hell out of Kazuma. Kaz knees Streetz , punches him, stomps him, slaps him , and beats his back. Streetz punches back.Kaz chokes him, knees him in the back, and delivers a big belly to belly suplex. 1,2....Kaz locks on an Abdulah The Butcher style nerve hold. He thumbs Streetz throat.Kaz puts his knee in Streetz back, pulling his arms. Next Kaz knees Streetz in the stomach , kicks his back, chokes him, leg chokes him on the ropes , and goes for the cover ......1,2.....Streetz suplexes Kaz. 1,2....Kaz delivers a knee to Streetz. 1,2.... Streetz delivers an Arn Anderson style Spinebuster . Streetz attempts a homicide but Kazuma blocks it and wraps Steets in a schoolboy style small package while holding Streetz tights for the 1,2,3!!!!!
   Main Event : Steel Kage vs Pure Power in a fan strap match. I didn't take notes on this one cause I was involved . They drew my ticket and I held a black belt with the buckle taped with red. The match was pretty much a brawl from the start. Alan Steel was punching the hell out of Charles in the beginning . V Man was whoopin on Bishop Kage . Anytime people fell out on Old Joe's side Joe went crazy trying to beat the crap out of them. Me and fan Renee Easterwood  whooped V Man's back and legs hard. We kindly helped Alan up one time too. The match went back and forth with the favor starting to lean in Steel Kage's favor until V-Man wrapped a steel chain around his  hand and  went to town. C-Lo called for the DQ. Steel Kage wins but Pure Power keeps the belts. Afterwards Pure Power beat up Steel Kage over and over, even handcuffing Bishop Kage and whoopin his back with 20 belts at once. Finally Austin, Friendly, and DJ come out to save the day. What a fun night for Memphis Wrestling fans.

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